Finding Role Models To Inspire Your Career

Finding Role Models To Inspire Your Career

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Having a role model can give you something to aspire to, to help you reach for the skies and motivate you to do your best work. So who is your role model?

It’s a question that is often asked at job interviews or dinner parties, or even on dates, but many women don’t even have one. Role models can be someone in your life, such as a relative or a friend, someone in your company or someone else you’ve never met whose achievements have inspired you. If you’re looking for yours, you can get the help you need here.

Take a look at some ideas for finding role models to inspire your career.

Start close to home

What makes a good role model? Some of the best role models are the ones you already have in your life. Think about the women in your life who are inspiring and have done great things – could they be your role model? Start thinking about their achievements and their approach to their career. If there are lessons you can learn from those people, then learn them.

Who’s had an impact in your industry?

No matter what industry you work in, there should be someone there who’s had an impact that could make an excellent role model. Whether it’s your boss, the CEO or someone outside of your organization, these people can help you find a career path and inspire you to do great things. If you’re looking for a mentor to guide you in your career, then asking someone in your industry who you admire could be the way forward.

Who has morals and ideas you agree with?

A good role model doesn’t have to be someone who’s based in your industry – they could be anyone who’s work ethic, ideas and approaches that you admire. They could be celebrities like Oprah, or people who are having an impact in the community, like Cynthia Telles. Keep an eye out for people who are conducting talks nearby or online, these types of events can be great places to hear inspirational people speak who can have a positive influence on your own work and career choices.

Could you be someone else’s role model?

As well as having your own role model, why not aspire to be someone else’s? Demonstrating good leadership and being effective in your role could positively influence someone else to aim high in their career, so make sure you demonstrate skills and qualities that make you an inspiring leader – boosting your own career in the process.

Wherever your quest for a role model takes you, it’s worth remembering that role models are everywhere. There are incredible, inspiring women out there who are making moves in the world who have helped pave the way for you to have your own success. Be inspired by those around you and enjoy how these positive influences motivate you, who knows when it’ll be your turn to become a role model for someone who started out just like you?


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