Unnatural Selection: Dealing With Pests Without Harming Your Pets

Unnatural Selection: Dealing With Pests Without Harming Your Pets

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However hard you to try to keep the natural world on the outside of your home, there will almost always be some trace of the great outdoors on the inside. In most cases, this will be things like leaves, small plants, and other organic materials, as they will be brought in on clothing and shoes. In others, though, you could find yourself in the midst of an animal invasion. (peytonsplaceanimalrescue.org) To help you to keep this under control while also avoiding any impact it could have on your pets, this post will be exploring some of the best tools you have available to support you along the way.

Making A Space

The most effective way to get rid of most small pests will always be poison. Unlike things like mice and rats, insects won’t simply leave when you throw them outside. Most of their population will still be hidden away somewhere, and they will come out at the earliest opportunity, making it important that you wipe them out. Of course, though, poison could also be bad for a cat or dog. To ensure that you can treat your home without harming your pets, it will be worth putting them away somewhere which won’t be contaminated. Beds, litter trays, and food will all be crucial, with the animal likely having to spend several hours on their own.

Using The Right Treatments

Most modern pest control products are designed to last for a very long time. Instead of simply killing the bugs which are already around, they will keep working for months down the line, ensuring that the home stays invasion free. Companies specializing in organic pest control will have options available which are designed to be safe for pets, but a risk to creatures which are far smaller. If you’re dealing with bigger pests, you will have to find traps which will catch the critters without having the chance to get your pet. This is getting easier as more humane options are hitting the market.

Cleaning It Up

Dogs and cats will often be happy to eat insects, even when they’ve been dead for a little while. In the wild, this would be a natural part of an animal’s diet but isn’t something you want when the insects themselves have been poisoned. This makes it crucial that you clean everything up before letting your pets back into the areas which have been treated. Of course, most people won’t want to live with loads of dead bugs around their home, anyway, and you will want to handle this for yourself.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling confident in your ability to remove the pests from your home without hurting your pets. If you have to use something particularly strong, it could be worth taking your pets to a kennel for a couple of days. While they won’t enjoy the experience, it will be far safer for them than being exposed to strong chemicals which are designed to kill.


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