Why and how fast should you act on carpet water damage?

Why and how fast should you act on carpet water damage?

If you discover carpets damaged by water in your house or office, you have to act fast.

You can’t ignore even a few inches of water around your rug because it can severely damage it and result in costly replacements. Flood water contains harmful contaminants, debris, and dirt. In business or home, flooded carpets cost your money and time.

You have to instantly contact specialized services that deals with water damaged carpet, trained technicians for carpet cleaning, and restore water damage.

Steps to Deal with Water Damaged Rugs

  • If your house has standing water, there is no need to remove water because the growth of mold is already started.
  • If you have an ability to do this work safely, you have to blot up extra water.
  • Use absorbent items and old towels to soak maximum water.
  • Remove area rugs and furniture if possible
  • Lop curtains over hangers and hangs these hangers on a rod. You have to keep these things away from the contact of the floor.
  • Try to soak up maximum water to thwart the growth of bacteria

Unsanitary vs. Sanitary Flooding

You have to work quickly and immediately contact your insurance benefactor. They will ask if water destruction is unsanitary or sanitary. If you identify the source of contaminated water, the damage can be unhealthy like toilet overflows or dishwasher.

The worst condition of unsanitary flooding is black water flooding. It contains raw sewage and includes seawater or groundwater. You must stay away from this flooding because it can damage your overall health. You have to immediately evacuate the building and search for a new place to live or work. 

Water Damage because of Unsanitary Flooding

If unsanitary flooding damages your carpet, you have to instantly replace your carpet. If you have to restore the carpet instead of replacing it, you must ensure the safety of public health. While cleaning after unsanitary flooding, time is really important. This flood will take a few hours to change into the black water. If you have grazed skin or cuts, make sure to keep yourself away from cleaning. Before coming in the contact of water damage, you should wear protective gear, such as:

  • Specialist clothing
  • Masks
  • Goggles
  • Boots
  • Rubber gloves

Things to Do After Sanitary Flooding

Regardless of the type of flooding responsible for carpet damage, it is almost impossible to exaggerate the speeding needs. You have to dry out your carpets within 48 hours. Initiate your work with the use of a vacuum for water extraction and decrease the level of humidity with the use of humidifiers. Fans can speed up a drying procedure.

  • If your carpet can return to its original state, you have to take these steps:
  • It is difficult to keep off your carpet, but you have to decrease the traffic on the carpet.
  • Find out the source of flood and stop it. If you are unable to find the source of the flood, you will face recurring problems.
  • Remove furnishings from your room
  • Hire professional water damage restoration team

When you call a professional team on the scene of the flood, they will quickly assess the area and nature of flood. You will get quick quotes and maximum information to take a decision within a short period. If you want to decrease the negative effects of water damage, it is essential to act quickly. Use disinfectants during restoration and cleaning procedure. Professionals can perfectly treat your carpet and return it back to its condition before the flood. To avoid any trouble in the future, you should have the number of water damage Restoration Company. By acting fast, you can protect your family members and house from debris and dangerous bacteria.



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