What’s Better – Wet Shave or Dry?

What’s Better - Wet Shave or Dry?

It is no big deal to pull of that basic shave; glide a razor across that stubble and voila! But, a good and a proper shave demands time, effort and being well-versed regarding how it should be done. It becomes imperative to delve deeper as to what is better between wet and dry shave. Whichever shaving technique you opt for, preparing the skin before it is the ultimate key. It can break a serious havoc on your skin if it is not prepared right enough.

Wet shaving is considered as a traditional method in which you soak the targeted area in warm water, apply shaving foam and off your razor goes onto it. On the other hand, dry shaving is done with the help of an electric razor without water or shaving foam.

Let’s further discuss the two types and see which will suit you.

Smoother finish:

Out of the two, wet shaving gives the best finish. The water and the product used, make the hair softer and super easy to cut through. However, it is only possible when you have a blade which is sharp. And with Bearded Colonel’s razors, you are going to get the closest shave possible.
Ideally, dry shave serves the best to individuals with sensitive skin. However, the finish is not so smooth as compared to wet shave. In addition to this, dry shave costs more than a wet shave.

Worthy Experience:

You feel rejuvenated after wet shaving. Arguable, wet shaving has that masculine aura that dry shaving does not. An experience so luxurious that you surely would never want to miss! To get it right, all an individual needs to do is just choose the right products available in the market and get a perfect outcome within the comfort of your own bathroom.  Dry shaving does the job but we bet you won’t have this kind of experience with it as with the wet shaving. To give you a clear picture, about 85% men give priority to wet shave than dry.

Say Bye to the Dead Skin Cells:

It feels entirely different after having a wet shave done. To put it exactly, it feels extra fresh and clean as the razor scrapes off that topmost layer of dead skin cells. The skin left is new, smoother and brighter.
In other words, you could get a spa finish! Wet shave gives you the very same outcome as exfoliation does. It is just that you do not have to go an extra mile and use a facial scrub but still get to shine. This is not the case with a dry shave.

It Might Hurt:

You got to be a tad more careful when it comes to wet shaving. There is always a high probability of cutting yourself if your strokes using a razor lack precision. This is where dry shave wins as it does not as such involves any nick or cut. However, dry shave demands a thorough rinse after each usage for it to perform properly the next time you use it.

Redness is Inevitable:

Yes, you read it right! According to the survey conducted by the International Dermal Institute, razor burn is one of the main concerns for men. Redness is bound to be there, be it a wet shave or a dry shave. However, wet shave ends up causing more redness in comparison to a dry shave considering that you manually drag a razor over your skin. Some men may encounter irritation when they first use an electric shaver. It, however, only lasts for only 2-3 weeks. In addition to this, wet shave requires shaving products, which may as well cause redness with poor shaving techniques.

Initial Costs:

If you prefer dry shaving, you must know it is quite an investment. The electric razor used for dry shaving may be quite expensive as compared to buying a Bearded Colonel razor for the purpose of wet shaving.

When you do buy an electric shaver, make sure that you have read a plenty of reviews and have done ample research so that at the end of the day the product you purchase turns out to be fruitful.

Shaving may be a hectic job, especially if your hair growth comes out fast. Some men have to shave daily, because of their jobs. So, wet shaving is a better option as compared to dry shaving because it can cause discomfort and skin problems.


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