6 Ways to DIY Your Garden to the Next Level

6 Ways to DIY Your Garden to the Next Level

Improving curb appeal can be one of the best ways to improve the value of your new home. Take your gardening to the next level with these six garden decor items. The great news is that you can complete each of these projects in just a couple of hours. Many use supplies you already have at home or can easily be found in your neighborhood.

Watering Car Decoration

Add some sparkle to a boring part of your garden landscaping by making a watering can decoration. You will need a watering can, fishing line, a few crystals with holes in the middle of them, pony beads and a needle.

Cut several pieces of fishing line and insert your needle into one of them. Now, fill about half of the line with crystals. Then, insert your needle through one of the holes where water normally comes out of the watering can. Tie a pony bead on the end of the fishing line. Cut the other end to the desired length. Keep cutting and filling until you have created as many “streams of water” as you desire. Then, hang it from a tree so that it looks like the crystals are water coming from the can. Sit back and watch as the sun dances off the crystals.

Make a Flower Pot Table

It is incredibly easy to make a flower pot table using two large terracotta pots, some concrete adhesive, fine sandpaper, and a pizza pan. Your pizza pan and your top flowerpot need to be the same size. Turn the largest of the terracotta pots upside down. Take the fine sandpaper and rough up the underside of both flowerpots. Then, apply a layer of concrete adhesive to the bottom of one and set the other one on top. Apply another thin coat of concrete adhesive to the rim of the top flowerpot and add your pizza pan. You can even add some artistic flair to the pots with acrylic paints if you desire.

Brick Markers

6 Ways to DIY Your Garden to the Next Level

If you love a rustic look, and you often forget what you plant where then brick markers are the perfect solution. Permanent markers will write on bricks. You can get as fancy with the writing as you desire. If you want to enhance the rustic look, then rub them with some fine-grit sandpaper before positioning them in your garden.

Brick also makes for a quick and easy path liner. Just line your walkway with the brick on each side for an old-timey look that can be done in an afternoon.

Gutter Flower Bed

If it is time to replace the gutters on your home, then convert them into a beautiful hanging flower bed. In addition to your old gutters, you will need some chain, an s-hook or two, a drill, some dirt and your plants. Drill a hole on each end of the gutters and slide the chain through. Fasten the top of the chain to the s-hook. Now, plant your plants and hang in a location where the plants will get the right amount of light and moisture.

Sphagnum Moss Wreath

It is easy to make a succulent wreath for your front door. You only need a sphagnum moss wreath, a dowel rod, some floral pins, and your succulents. Start by placing the wreath in the bathtub and letting it soak for a few hours. Then, lay out your succulents around your wreath, changing plant locations until you are happy with the look. Use the dowel rod to poke holes in the wreath and insert your plants. Let the wreath lay flat for about five weeks. Then, hang it on your front door to welcome all your guests.

Garden Chandelier

Add a romantic flair to an outside seating area by making a garden chandelier from a wire basket, some chain, some Mason jars, and tea candles. You can choose to use real ones or battery-operated ones. Just sit one candle in each jar. Then, add the jar to the wire basket. Attach the chain to the basket and hang near your seating area. You can make this look even more glamorous by adding some hanging crystals if you desire.

After you’ve put in all this effort to amp up your garden game. Make sure you don’t have pests and bugs ruining all the fun. Call a residential expert like Turner Pest to ensure there aren’t any creepy crawlies turning your beautiful garden into their new home.

And there you have it! These six projects will take your garden to the next level. You’ll love the look of them, and they are sure to amaze your friends and neighbors.


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