5 Cool Hacks to Become Popular on Instagram

5 Cool Hacks to Become Popular on Instagram

Instagram has created celebrities out of nothing. Apart from prominent personalities in music, sports and other areas of interest, there are people who have risen to fame just by being pretty and posting their pics and others by identifying their passions and working tirelessly at growing a following. The blog TrustAdvisor recommends that for one to become popular on Instagram, they have to design their account to stand out from the rest so as to attract as many authentic followers as possible. There are many benefits that can come with being popular on Instagram key among them being paid to be a brand ambassador. Here are 5 cool tricks you can use to become Instagram famous.

Identify Your Passion

Most people post just random pictures and videos of their daily lives. At one point you’ll find someone posting birthday pictures, next will be wedding content and so on and so forth. Without a specific niche and passion, it will be difficult to attract a reasonable following. Even celebrities like Selena Gomez who has among the highest number of followers usually put up content that is mostly related to her music career. It is important that you identify what you like doing in your everyday life and then document that in a creative manner. If you are into nature, then ensure that your page is duly branded and focusses on that niche.

Make Your Profile Public

There is no way you can become famous and popular on Instagram if your page is set to private. What is the use of people looking for your profile only to find that they have to wait for you to approve their request to follow you? Most potential followers will simply bypass your page and look for other interesting stuff. So, once you are through with creating your page to your desired level, set it on public so that everyone can view your content. The more people view your content the better the chances you will have of increasing your following.

Post Content on a regular Basis

Instagram is a mobile-based application that most people use in their idle time. You will find users checking out their accounts while waiting at bus and train stations or when relaxing at cafes and other areas. People do this to kill time and get entertained. If your page has limited content, you will have limited traffic since users want to see new and interesting stuff. You, therefore, need to post content on a regular basis and when you know your target audience is likely to be online. Invest in a quality camera, or a phone that can take nice pictures and learn to use various editing tools available on Instagram to create nice and attractive posts.

Follow Popular Personalities

If you want to be popular, then it is only reasonable that you follow popular personalities and participate in popular conversations. Following prominent personalities and participating in their conversations exposes your profile to other users that are not your followers. You stand a good chance of landing a handful of followers by doing this. Engagement is a sure way of having other users take notice of your profile. You can even have the popular users repost your content or tag them along with your posts. A simple comment from such users is a ticket to getting a lot of followers.

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

This feature allows to post images or videos that are 30 seconds long, but you can post as many as you want within 24 hours. If you utilize those stories in the right manner, they can bring you a lot more followers than even your profile will ever get. Most Instagram users never bother with your profile. They skim through stories like short movies. These stories are mainly for entertainment, but you can use them to pass on particular information since you can also post text images. Get creative with what you post on these stories and try and post every other day. Create expectations in people to look forward to your posts and ask them to repost or tag their followers. Regular and interesting stories will see you grow your followers exponentially.

Keep in mind that getting popular on Instagram is not a one-off affair. You cannot create an account today and expect to get instantly famous not unless you are a well known public figure. It will take you some work and patient to grow your account. So, take your time and work on it. 


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