Are Dreadlocks Still A Thing?

Are Dreadlocks Still A Thing?

We have seen many hair trends come and go. From the short, flat and luminous hairstyles of the Great Gatsby era to the pompous and voluminous, hairspray-smelling hairdos of the eye-popping ’70s, the art of styling hair have always been versatile and unpredictable. And I bet you will all agree with me when I say that each unique hairdo has a charm of its own. Sometimes, it can even make you remember special moments in your life. A hairstyle can make you feel nostalgic; it’s as if they record a piece of your past for you. Try looking up an old photo and you’ll get what I mean.

In recent years, new hairstyles have been born one after another. Thanks to the internet and the many technologies that we have, hair trends popularize at lightning speed! A celebrity posts a photo in social media and BAM; people are wearing the same do the very next day. We’ve got all sorts of hairstyles right now, each often characterizing a different social sector.

Some people, women especially, like wearing their hair in bedazzling colors. I’m not just talking about the usual brunette and blonde hues here. I’m talking about eye-popping colors like green, pink, blue, and purple! This fad was probably influenced by iconic artists and singers such as Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams who is popularly remembered by her rock star hair that seems to bathe in different pastel colors each week. Check her most outlandish hairstyles here:

Speaking of iconic artists, another singer “slash” musician that has made an incredible impact in both the entertainment and hairstyling industry is the Reggae King, Bob Marley. Lead singer of the band, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Marley revolutionized the music industry forever – even years after his unfortunate death. He basically won the world’s heart with his timeless reggae masterpieces.

Marley hailed from the proud country of Jamaica and wore an iconic hairstyle people – especially diehard fans – instantly fell in love with: Dreadlocks. If you aren’t too familiar with dreadlocks, it is a hairstyle that involves matting or braiding strands of hair together so that they form a rope-like shape. It is often achieved by twisting hair together while wet and letting it dry uncombed. There are many ways to achieve dreadlocks but having it done in a hairstyling clinic or salon, like, is more common nowadays.

When Marley’s music first topped the international charts, you can mostly guess what happened next. Tons – and I do mean several hundreds of Marley fans – tried to achieve his look. This gave birth to the wonderful, although brief, trend of dreadlocks. Male fans, especially, can’t get enough of the “Rasta” vibe.Are Dreadlocks Still A Thing?

Dreadlocks often referred to as “dreads,” also come in different styles. There are thick and thin dreads, as well as matted and braided types. It all depends on a person’s taste, really. Most people who try out dreadlocks have long hair and they just want to style it for a change. Although, we have also seen some people dread their short hair. It sort of creates an afro look. Women, too, have tapped into the world of dreadlocks and we have seen many beautiful females sporting the look fairly well. Contrary to what most women would say, dreadlocks do not necessarily destroy femininity. A woman can still be as “womanly” as she wants even with this seemingly wild hairdo. If anything, it makes things interesting for them; adds a lot of character.

Question is, are they still a thing?

Dreadlocks In 2019

Of course, they are! You can even see people teaching DIY tricks for dreadlocks on YouTube (watch here). Dreadlocks are as iconic as the man who popularized them! It’s a funky look reggae (and non-reggae) fans will certainly love to try at least once in their life! This hairstyle has been around in the last few decades and you can bet that it’ll still be around for many more decades to come. This 2019, we might even see some grand rendition of the classic hairdo.

One problem that people sporting dreadlocks face is maintenance. It’s quite tedious trying to take care of matted hair. It’s not impossible though. And with the internet as your friend, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a great solution!


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