Things that You Think You Need When You Travel but You Don’t

Things that You Think You Need When You Travel but You Don't

One of the most common mistakes travelers commit, especially for women, is bringing stuff they don’t need while on the road. While packing our bags, the thought of “I will bring this/extra just in case I’ll need it” is a common occurrence. But guess what, those items you bring for just-in-case situations are more likely to be just extra weight in your baggage!

With carrying heavier bags has become more and more expensive, it’s extremely beneficial to be radical about what the best travel gears to bring are and what are the ones to leave. That’s why traveling light is much better if you want to save some money when traveling. Here is a list of things we usually think we need when we travel, but we actually don’t.

Traveler’s Check

It is 2019, almost nobody uses with traveler’s check today! You may still find travel tips online that suggest for you to bring traveler’s check in case you find yourself in need of money to pay something overseas. These blogs are outdated. What you need to bring are your credit or debit cards, and of course, cash.

Too Many Clothes

This is the most commonly overpacked item when traveling. We tend to pack too many clothes without considering that you can get laundry service even you’re overseas. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to pack light and be ready to wash clothing repeatedly. The smaller and lighter your bag is, the easier for you to carry it when you’re traveling. If you are planning to take a lot of pictures at different locations, and you want to be seen in photos wearing different beautiful pieces of garments, then you need to learn the art of layering. By layering, it means taking advantage of the diversity offered by cardigans, jackets, or even Sunday dresses.

Too Many Pairs of Shoes

You don’t need to pack different shoes for different occasions. Going on a hike? Bringing hiking sandals over hiking boots might be a better option. Usually, a pair of sneakers as walking shoes and a pair of flip-flops are enough to cover your needs when traveling.

Too Many Gadgets

In the world run but modern technology, traveling has become easier than ever because of today’s gadget – but keep in mind that you don’t need to bring everything with you. Know which you should prioritize and consider carefully how much is the value of each one and how they can be useful for the trip. Do you really need to bring your tablet when you already have a smartphone? Do you think it’s better to bring over-the-ear or in-ear headset? Choose the ones that you know you would really use. Do you really need your laptop? It’s alright, but if you can choose a lightweight one. Need a device to navigate a map? Your smartphone does the job.

Extra Toiletries

To tell you the truth, you don’t need all the toiletries you use every when you travel. You can make a mini version of your skincare routine or if you can’t really miss them, then have them put in smaller bottles. You can carry a shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and deodorant with you as those are the basic toiletries that you will need.

Your Whole Bookshelf

One of the best ways to kill time when waiting for a layover or during your flight or bus trip is to read books. If you really read a lot when on the road, then carrying an e-reader instead would be a better option for you.

Hair Dryer

Bringing a hair dryer is more of a mistake than simply not recommended. First of all, most hotels offer their guests free of the use of hair dryer, and secondly and more importantly, they might not be compatible with the country’s voltage you are going.

Expensive Jewelry

Whether you are going to a five-star cruise or going on a weekend trip, it’s better to leave your fancy jewelry, not only they attract muggers, it’s just really pointless. Save your fancy shiny diamonds for other occasions, they’re not really ideal for traveling.

Paper Guidebooks

Fortunately, most places have Wi-Fi now and whenever you need to know something about a specific place, you can easily browse the internet for it. No need to buy thick guide books for your trip. So, although I loved guidebooks, just carrying them can be a big commitment.


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