Rajsthan Tour- A Quick and Handy guide

Rajsthan Tour- A Quick and Handy guide

Rajasthan is culturally rich and its influence on its ancient history appears on its artistic and cultural traditions. There is a variety of rich folk culture, which is often considered to be a symbol of the state. If you are also planning to move to Rajasthan then Rajasthan Tour Packages will work for you as a Hendi guide. So let us tell you today as a guide about the beautiful places of Rajasthan…

The Right Time to Visit Rajasthan

If you have decided to go to Rajasthan, one thing must be sure that the right time to visit Rajasthan is the winter season, if you go to Rajasthan from October to March, then you get the best way to roam Rajasthan Can. In the winter season, Rajasthan’s weather is very pleasant and it is worth exploring. During this time the weather is suitable for a desert safari, sightseeing, wildlife campaign, and cultural tourism.

Beautiful Place to Roam in Rajasthan

Though Rajasthan is a very beautiful and attractive place, we are going to tell you about some of the unique places that you can visit in Rajasthan.

1- Amber Fort (Jaipur)

Amber Fort is also known by the name of Amber Fort which is located about 11 kilometers from Jaipur. This fort is made of sandstone and marble, whose reflection is very beautiful in the lake present there. Here you can read more about Jaipur Tour Packages.

2- Lake Palace (Udaipur)

The lake palace is surrounded by the Aravali mountains in the middle of Pichola Lake, the pride of Udaipur. The sculpture of this palace, marble pillar, and its decorative style makes it even more attractive and beautiful. This palace has been taken by the Taj Group of Hotels. Now this palace has become one of Rajasthan’s most romantic palaces.

3- Umaid Bhavan Palace (Jodhpur)

The same stones have been used in the construction of Umaid Palace Palace, which is situated in the Taj Mahal of Agra. There are 22 rooms and 42 suites in this palace. Apart from this, there are family museums, banquet halls, libraries, ballroom indoor swimming pools, tennis and marble squash courts.

4- Near Dilwara Temple Mount Abu

Dilwara Jain Temple is the most beautiful and holy pilgrimage site of Jains in the world. Which is located just 2.5 km from Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Dilwara Temple reflects the beauty of Mount Abu, which is the only hill station of Rajasthan. The Dilwara Temple is known for its outstanding architecture and the incredible work of marble carvings.

Must Also Lift Them

1- Pushkar fair camels and Rajasthani handicrafts

This festival of Pushkar is in three stages. In the first stage, animals are bought and sold. Animals dance and dance. There are cultural programs in the second phase, tourism is there. In the third and kat phase, people from all over the Rajasthan bring Brandy Craft items here.

2- Ride in Ranthambore National Park

One of North India’s largest parks, Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan is not only India but also the glory of India. This park is in south-eastern Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur district. If you are interested in wildlife, then this is the best place for you. Ranthambore National Park Safari is the most exciting experience here.

3- Jaisalmer’s desert ride

Jaisalmer of Rajasthan is also called by the name of sea ocean of sand because the entire desert is completely covered. In Jaisalmer, you can sit on the camels and enjoy the desert ride while also shopping for the civilization and culture of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan’s Delicious Food Definitely Sucks …

If you are roaming in Rajasthan, do not forget to taste the famous and delicious food here, do not forget at all, some of which are famous and delicious dishes …

1- Dal, Batti and Churma

The most famous dish of Rajasthan is called Dal Bati Churma which is made in pure country ghee in pure country ghee, which will attract you to Rajasthan. In Batti and Churma, you can find many types like butter, potato or paneer filled bati or sattu bati. Apart from this, you can also find a variety of Churma such as flour churma, maize peanut, and bajra ka churma.

2- Laal Maans

It is a traditional Rajasthani dishes filled with spices and red chilies from the spices of asana, which is served as a mass curry.

3- Ghewar

The famous sweet ghewar of Rajasthan, which is mixed with flour and mawa, is immersed in sugar syrup and immersed in it which is very tasty in the food.

How to Go Rajasthan

  • By Air

The main cities of Rajasthan are connected by the Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur air routes.

  • By rail

You can also use the railway track route to go to Rajasthan, trains from big cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are run every day from Rajasthan to Rajasthan.

  • By Road

If you want to travel by road to Rajasthan, National Highway 8 connects you to the border of Rajasthan from Delhi to Mumbai. Although the route from Mumbai to Rajasthan is very far away, ongoing from Delhi, you will reach Rajasthan within 4 hours.

4-Taxi and Buses

Taxi and buses for Rajasthan travel can be easily received from anywhere. The royal palaces, great food, a rich cultural heritage and endless opportunities for shopping make Rajasthan the best place for an authentic ‘Indian’ travel experience. No matter what kind of traveler you are, Rajasthan Udaipur Tour Package will take your breaths at every step of your journey.


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