The Best Seaside Getaways in South Africa

The Best Seaside Getaways in South Africa

Scarborough, Western Cape

Scarborough in the Western Cape is a seaside village that is surrounded by natural beauty, gorgeous mountains, unspoiled clean beaches with sparkling blue waters. From the City, it takes approximately 30 minutes to get to Scarborough, before going down to the beach to visit the Cape Point National Park that is close by. Scarborough accommodation options provide visitors with the most comfortable of stays and with the beauty that surrounds the town, it really doesn’t matter where about you’re situated! The beach is rather quiet and never really overcrowded although there can be a bit more activity over the summer and holiday season. Scarborough is a beach for the family to enjoy because it is a wide spacious beach ball games, picnics, children’s parties, and the odd flying of kites on a windy day does not interfere with those who are just wanting to relax and soak up the sun. There are beautiful rock pools for the little ones to romp around in and explore and surfing can be enjoyed by the older ones.

Umhlanga, Durban KwaZulu Natal

Umhlanga is a beautiful coastal holiday choice in KwaZulu Natal, Durban. It is a holiday that will give you the time to take in and appreciate the wonderful atmosphere of a coastal laid-back town and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Umhlanga is approximately 16 km north of central Durban. Umhlanga is the pulse of Africa with its blend of cultures from East to West and touring around you will even get to savor and smell the different blends of spices and foods coming from the local restaurants. Along the coastline, you will find an array of breathtakingly beautiful tropical fish and stunning coral reefs where scuba diving and snorkeling is an adventure that will keep you spellbound. Umhlanga is a very popular surfing destination. Umhlanga is a destination that you can visit any time of the year, as it will welcome you and keep you entertained with the many exciting things to do. Whether you choose to sit back, relax and enjoy the quietness of your surroundings or are wanting more adventure and excitement, Umhlanga will meet the needs of everyone.

Hermanus, Western Cape

The Best Seaside Getaways in South Africa

Hermanus is a coastline village that is nestled between the ocean and the beautiful Overberg Mountains. Hermanus is 120 km from Cape Town. Hermanus is known as a ‘fisherman’s village’ but world-wide Hermanus is known for being the best whale watching destination in the world but Hermanus really has so much more to offer than just fishing and whale watching such as treetop zip line, hiking and walking trails of the Overberg Mountain, boat tours, scuba diving, shark cage diving, kayaking and so much more. There are plenty of beautiful family beaches along the coastline for all to enjoy on beautiful sunny days. The Old Harbour Museum and the Whale House Museum are a popular tourist attraction due to their fascination with the skeleton of a whale suspended from the ceiling. Hermanus is a town where you can relax, put your feet up, forget about the world around you with all its hustle and bustle and just enjoy the fresh air, humble people and breath-taking beauty that surrounds you.

Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape

Jeffreys Bay is a stunning little town with a big soul. You just have to mention that you are going to Jeffreys Bay and immediately you are asked if you are going surfing, as J-Bay as it’s fondly referred to, is the surfing capital destination in the world known to locals and tourists. Jeffreys Bay is in the Eastern Cape and is not only known for surfing but also famous for its abundance of beautiful seashells, tasty calamari, and other seafood. There are also two Nature Reserves, the Seekoei River Nature Reserve and the Kabeljous Nature Reserve. The Kabeljous is popular for anglers with its diverse number of fish and the Seekoei Reserve is home to various birdlife. Jeffreys Bay is laid back, simple and very relaxing. You will feel refreshed and full of life as when you holiday in Jeffreys Bay you return home knowing that you have had a holiday as you can feel it.

Plettenberg Bay, Eastern Cape

The Best Seaside Getaways in South Africa

Plettenberg Bay is one of the most beautiful Bays in South Africa. Its known as the Jewel of Africa as it is a real little gem. The sea is a sparkling blue with the mountains as its backdrop. Artists love to come to Plettenberg Bay to sit and paint the beauty surrounding it. Plettenberg Bay is called Plett by most people. Plettenberg Bay forms part of the Garden Route on the south coast of South Africa. July to November is a popular time to visit Plettenberg Bay, to witness the Whale Season, this is a great day for both young and old. Plettenberg Bay offers lovely weather almost all year round with summer being of a comfortable heat whilst winter is rather mild not like many others whose winters are very cold and wet. If you have considered whale watching as the reason to visit then the best months would be between June to November. Plettenberg Bay is worth making a point to visit as it will be love at first glance.


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