Renovating Your Bathroom? Have Your Plumbing Inspected

Renovating Your Bathroom? Have Your Plumbing Inspected

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in the home – it gets more than its share of use, and the wear and tear is noticeable after a period of time. The faucets might begin to leak, the tub might need to be replaced, or the toilet may not be as secure as it once was, and you may be tired of jiggling it in order for it to work.

Getting repairs can be quite expensive when there is a better alternative. Having the bathroom completely renovated could be more cost effective, and the results more satisfactory. There are, of course, price differences between renovations and new builds but you will find that when you renovate a bathroom from scratch – tearing down the walls and renovating the pipes as well –it’s the more cost-effective alternative in the long run. Let’s look at the figures.

Replacing bathroom fixtures can be costly, the average being around $3,150 if you do it yourself, which isn’t recommended, as you could make an even costlier error. This is just a low end cost, with the price only including a sink, shower, and toilet.

The problem is, privately buying fixtures individually will cost more than what a professional builder will pay. There are also other items to consider when renovating, like counter tops, flooring, cabinets, and lighting. Overall, the entire cost of renovations could be as high as $14,000 or more. Then, even if you do it yourself, there are still plumbing and electrical experts that are needed to inspect these services.

A Better Alternative

Putting in a newly built bathroom, with the help of professional plumbers, can be more cost efficient than trying to have one renovated piecemeal. A newly built one would consist of tearing out the old bathroom, and starting with all new products and services provided by an experienced, licensed professional who would offer the best market price for their installations and inspections.

Many building professionals accept having your own plumber, as they all can work together toward a dynamic end result. To renovate a bathroom is to restore it to the way that is was previously, but to remodel it is to have a totally new upgraded bathroom with everything new.In either case, it is vital to have the plumbing inspected to ensure that it will service the needs of the occupants. 

Choosing to have the bathroom renovated or remodelled is a decision that takes plenty of planning. One decision you should be clear on, however, is using a professional plumber. Too often, ambitious homeowners try to remodel or renovate their bathroom, only to cause costlier problems in the future.

There could be underlying problems just waiting to surface that will only be detected by an experienced plumber. For example, sometimes issues with your water softener can be detected by a plumber who knows what to look for, and has experience with your type of plumbing system. There are lots of advances in water softeners, and you can learn more about the top water softeners on the market today. By treating your water with the best water softener salt, you’re treating you’re home!

This is the concept to keep in mind when doing your bathroom. Dog it once, and do it properly! The one thing you do not want after renovating the bathroom is to develop a leak, or other water or pope disaster that could have been prevented with the proper, professional inspection. Spring is just about here – the perfect time to think about positive changes!


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