5 Brilliant Tips to help you Make Money with your Travel Blog

5 Brilliant Tips to help you Make Money with your Travel Blog

Do you have a travel blog and want to make a fortune out of it? Well, a lot of people may not have realized that travel blogging can be a fundamental gold mine. But it sucks not to have the relevant ideas that you can utilize to generate some income from your blog.

Look: To better comprehend the various ways you can earn hundreds to thousands of bucks from travel blogging, this article is purposely meant for you. Here you will learn five brilliant tips to help you make huge sums of money from your travel site.

     1. Make Top-notch Content that Generates Traffic

Naturally, the attention span of most readers lasts a few seconds they reach a page that does not contain superb content. Yes, it happens a lot. Once they get bored, they will click the ‘back’ button and may not visit your site anytime soon. To make sure that your site visitors spend a lot more time on your blog reading an awesome post, always create compelling content.

It is natural that people love reading what will have a tremendous impact on their lives. So when people find your content worth their time, they will always visit your pages to learn more. And remember, the more traffic funnels to your site, the more you sell any of your products.

     2. Sponsored Posts

Certain brands may want to promote an experience or a product on your blog. For instance, they can have a hotel review or a product review that is related to your niche and want it to appear on your blog. So if you let them do so, you will get paid for it.

     3. Make Affiliation with Big Brands

You can promote some products and services on your blog and receive a certain commission in turn. That is what affiliate marketing is all about. Just have the links to those products or services, and whenever people purchase them, you will be receiving a small percent of the sales.

For example, you can become an Opodo affiliate and earn a small commission whenever people book hotels or flights through the links on your blog. With this, you earn while sleeping or on holiday. It is a passive source of income.  However, it is advisable you promote item or services that you personally trust or use. 

     4. Sell a Publicity Space on your Blog

See, if you have created super content that keeps readers coming for more, you can look for potential advertisers who can buy that space to place their ads such as Opodo’s travel services. In turn, you will earn a few bucks. Most importantly, because your blog is about travelling, advertisers can place a few banners that promote their products or services.

     5. Destination Marketing

In some scenarios, you can be solicited by a tourism board to travel to a particular destination and write a review on your blog about your experience. Though you may not get paid, you get a free air ticket, food, accommodation, and activities. Also, you can create links to those flights and earn a lot from it.

Travel blogging may not be a get-rich-quick scheme. You will need to start by creating top-notch content that will increase traffic on your blog after which you will explore creating sponsored posts, making affiliation with big brands, selling a publicity space on your blog and finally though not the last option, writing reviews on certain destinations.


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