Spring Plumbing Tips for Your Home

Spring Plumbing Tips for Your Home


The cold winter is on the way out and it is almost time to start opening windows and pulling open the curtains! Finally letting the warm breezes and sunshine into your home only helps to realize your home needs a cleaning overhaul. The dust and grime and stagnate air from thee winter needs to GO!

Helpful spring cleaning tips will make your home look as fresh as a spring dew, but there are a LOT of other things you should check off your to-do list. Taking care of your home means looking after more than a few major cogs that keep your home running smoothly.

From looking after major appliances to making sure your yard is trimmed, there are so many projects that need your attention! Start spring off fresh with a good look at all of your home’s plumbing! Here are a few tips to make sure your plumbing stays clean and fresh this spring.


Checking in on your major appliances is CRUCIAL! Your appliances are an investment, and they’ve put in extra duty over the winter to keep up with all of your chores!

Dishwashers can be finicky when it comes to their plumbing. Make sure to check your dishwasher’s connection, whether it has any sealing problems, or whether or not it is leaking and causing damage where you can’t see!

Heating and AC unit are diligently working all winter long, so the round the clock work may have done a number on your system. Check the pipes leading to and from your HVAC system for any leaks, water damage, or rust and pipe damage. Make sure that you look into heating repair in Aurora, CO for the best professionals to help you out if you do find anything!

Your washer and dryer need to be looked after as well. Check the hot and cold connections for any sort of rust, calcium build-up, etc. You can also take this time to look at the dryer’s vent system to be certain it is free of any blockage!

Checklist for Leaks

Your plumbing is important for the daily function of your home. Making sure there are no leaks throughout your house will not only save you money but prevent water damage! Make sure to go through the following list and check for any sort of water escaping where it shouldn’t escape!

  • Toilets. Check the base, the bowl, the tank, and all around your toilet to make sure it is sealed properly.
  • Faucets. Got a leaky faucet? Then say hello to a higher water bill and perhaps some water stains and damage. In colder places like Aurora, CO, you’ll want to run your faucets during the winter to prevent freezing. If there is any damage, however, or your faucets are leaking, call a professional. But don’t agree to any charges until you’ve asked some detail oriented questions!
  • Under the Sink. Check under all the sinks in your home for any water damage on your cabinetry. You can also see if there is an active leak with the pipes under the sink.
  • Shower Heads. Sometimes water can continuously drip from your shower heads way after you’ve finished bathing. Make sure there are no leaks with the showers, especially where the shower head connects to the wall.

Once you’ve doubled down one your leak prevention, you’re almost finished with your spring cleaning list!

Outside In

Don’t forget to check around the outside of your home during your spring plumbing inspections. Look through your gutters and drains for a blockage that may have built up in the winter.

Spring cleaning means getting the dirt out of everything, even your gutters! That way, your home will be ready for all of those spring showers! You can also look at outside pipes and connections to see if there is any damage as well!

Spring Caring!

Take care of your home by not only getting into spring cleaning but by following these spring plumbing tips. That way your home will be up and running perfectly for the upcoming months!


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