12 Gift Ideas That Will Win Any White Elephant Exchange


A white elephant exchange is a classic holiday office game. You might also know it as a Yankee swap or the Grinch game. Whatever it is called, it involves affordable but impressive and unique gifts that people will remember and want. This is a game that rewards creativity! Not sure how to win your upcoming white elephant exchange? Here are some great ideas that the people in your office will love.

1. Funny Mugs

In every office, mugs are a staple. Whether they are for morning tea or a mid-afternoon coffee boost, they will get plenty of use on a regular basis. That’s why one of the best white elephant gift ideas is a funny mug. Find one covered with emojis or a funny saying and get some laughs when the gift gets unwrapped.

2. Themed Toilet Paper

Sure, everyone uses toilet paper. But most people in your office are probably still using ordinary toilet paper. That’s why your gift will get plenty of laughs and maybe even a few swaps. There is toilet paper with jokes printed right on each sheet, and there is even embroidered toilet paper if you’re looking for a totally unexpected splurge.

3. Unicorn Popcorn

Popcorn is a crowd pleaser, but Popcornopolis Unicorn Popcorn goes above and beyond. This popcorn tastes amazing, and the wild colors ensure that the gift stands out and looks phenomenal as soon as it is unwrapped.

4. Decorated Six-Packs

If alcohol is allowed to be part of your white elephant exchange, you can be sure that there will be a few six-packs of beer and bottles of wine. Those are crowd pleasers, but they aren’t always creative enough. Step it up by decorating a six-pack of beer or craft soda with ribbons, pipe cleaners and anything else that will help it stand out.

5. Unexpected Board or Card Games

Skip the classic board games for the holidays and instead opt for a newer game that no one has ever heard of. Browse the aisles of any toy store, and some unexpected games are sure to catch your eye. As a bonus, you might get an invite to play with your coworkers who open up the gift.

6. Lottery Tickets

Finding gift ideas under 25 can be tough, but one way around the rule is to buy lottery tickets. A few tickets or scratch cards mean that there is the potential for a lot more money down the road, as long as the recipient is feeling lucky.

7. Something Clearly From an Infomercial

Sometimes, the items you see for sale on informercials have practical value. More often than not, however, they are for funny and highly-specific items that you don’t really need. Grabbing one of these for office parties is sure to get a great reaction because it isn’t something shoppers normally see on the shelves at the store.

8. Humorous Magnets

Once again, this idea involves taking a classic gift and putting your own creative spin on it. Need magnets around the office? How about a shark head magnet, or a cat butt magnet? This is one idea that will definitely get attention during the white elephant gift exchange.

9. Self-Help Books

Self-help books can be a valuable gift idea, but upon closer inspection you might come across some self-help books that are downright hilarious. Ever wanted to learn how to fly a kite or tie your shoelaces? The good news is that there are books to help you do both!

10. Oversized Products

Everyone loves an inflatable beach ball or a soft and fluffy towel. Where you’ll get the real laughs, however, is when you buy these items in comically oversized proportions. Anything oversized is bound to be a winner at a white elephant gift exchange.

11. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Around the holidays, there is a good chance that Christmas tree ornaments will be in demand. The key to being funny with these ornaments it to choose something unexpected or highly specific. Instead of a classic ornament, why not a poop emoji ornament? Or, try a design clearly meant for a teenage ballerina or a toddler.

12. An Actual White Elephant

If you want to get laughs and still be literal with your gift idea, head to the next office party with an actual white elephant. A white stuffed toy elephant or even a carved bar of soap fits the bill and might just make you the winner of the party by default.

These gift ideas go beyond boring. For your next office white elephant exchange, skip ordinary and seek out some of these amazing gifts designed to be appealing and funny for whoever receives them.


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