How Taking Good Notes will Optimize Your University Experience

How Taking Good Notes will Optimize Your University Experience

As any college or university may know, the ways by which you record lectures and organize your studies will influence your education to a large degree. Missed classes should be avoided at all costs, in case your peers aren’t able to accommodate you. While effective note-taking may bring you to the top of the class, as far as grades go, poorly constructed notes could jeopardize your entire postsecondary experience.

Fortunately, it’s not a particularly hard skill to acquire, and once you have it, your note-taking skills will likely just get better from there. Here, then, are a few benefits that well-documented class notes will inevitably bring you, and some tips for achieving this kind of productivity.

It’s a Transferable Skill

While not all skills acquired during one’s experience in college or university are necessarily useful in other walks of life, note-taking will absolutely get you far in a variety of fields. No matter what you choose to do, later on, you’ll need to be documenting information in some capacity. Not only will you be getting a perspective-widening learning experience at school, but you’ll also be getting the tools needed to become a successful candidate for a variety of jobs.

How You Take Notes Will Help You Better Understand Yourself

If you find yourself struggling to take notes using a standard pen and paper – the old-fashioned way – you may need to switch to using a laptop. This isn’t just a necessary change, however, it’s an insight into the fact that maybe you’re more skilled using digital interfaces than stagnant, outdated machinery. Alternatively, it could be indicative of the fact that you’re easily distracted and need more interactive styles of learning in order to remain engaged. If you hadn’t yet thought about learning styles, now’s the time to do. Note taking will no doubt reveal a thing or two about who you truly are.

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It Requires That You Come Prepared

The most important part of note-taking is understanding what you’re jotting down. This means that you’ll need to do your readings ahead of time in order to take the best possible documentation of your lecture. Additionally, you’ll need to be consistently familiarizing yourself with the syllabus and make connections when it comes time to study for the final exam.

If you find yourself constantly being pressed for time, keep in mind that even just skimming these readings will help you better understand what’s being discussed – at rapid-speed – during the lecture. Because you’ll already have a vague grasp of the material, it will be easier to retain, so your study session doesn’t have to become a cramming session. In other words, good note-taking means becoming a better student, and ultimately, the best version of yourself.


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