New Homes For Less

New Homes For Less

Did you know that the average American spends around $1000 to $1200 a month for a pad or apartment?

Why, of course you do! You’re probably even renting out one yourself! People all around the globe think that Americans are lucky to be living in a first world country such as the US but what they don’t understand is the frustration that comes with it. Living in the US doesn’t come cheap. Rent, especially, doesn’t come cheap. Read more.

Everyone dreams of living the American dream but once you get grinding, you wonder if you’ll ever achieve it in this lifetime. The cost of living in America is twice or thrice the amount needed to survive in other countries, specifically non-Western ones. Everyday activities (and necessities) such as dining out, grocery shopping, refuelling, and paying for a roof over your head are all so darn expensive. I think the only left the world has yet to charge us is the air we breathe.

But hey, that’s life. We just got to wing it.

However, we also need to think ahead. For how long will you be renting? For how long will you live in somebody else’s property with no lawn, no garden, and no porch even? When you start building your own family, when you have kids, a condominium unit is hardly an ideal place for them to grow up in. It’s cramped, lonely, and definitely not child-friendly.

What you need is a real home. A place you can call your own.

But how on earth can you get one? A house is simply not something you can ask for and I just had all that talk about how expensive living in the US is. While owning a house is a pretty big spend, it doesn’t necessarily require you to empty your pockets – not all at once, at least.

If you think about it, renting out a flat or apartment makes you spend a little over $100,000 per year. And that’s with luck already. Can you imagine how much of your lifelong earnings are spent in something that won’t be yours in the end? Compared to this, you can own your own property for more or less $200,000 if you have the money (check out reference here. A lifelong residence is equivalent to just 2 years of rent. Imagine that.

Then again, I did say “if you have the money.”

Reality check, most of us won’t have the money. We need to fend for our everyday needs, spend for emergencies like hospital and dental appointments. It’s pretty hard to save that amount of money with a mediocre salary.

Am I telling you all of this just to rub the fact that you can’t afford a house?

Well, there’s that. But more than anything, I’m telling you this so that I can offer a solution: New Homes for Less.

How Can You Get A New Home For Less?

New Homes For Less

Purchasing new homes may be a bit pricey but building one may cost you less – especially when you partner with a reliable and honest developer. Many companies offer to build homes within a budget. This means that they adjust to your pricing, not the other way around. You can create a safe haven for your family, your dream home, with money that you know you can earn.

Aside from customizing homes, these companies also readily offer home loans which are another eye candy benefit. People find it hard to purchase a house and lot property because they cannot produce the cash in bulk. This doesn’t mean that they cannot afford it with staggered payments though. With the right company, you can grab your dream home for just a little over the average monthly rent cost ($1000-$1200). Some of them even offer loans for as low as $1500 a month.

For a sum that is comparable to how much you pay for condominium rent, getting your own home is a more practical choice. When you rent, your money doesn’t go anywhere. You just basically pay for the transient roof you have over your head. When you pay for a home loan, you are paying for something that will eventually become yours.

Take your pick. Which do you think is better?


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