Boost Your Curb Appeal: 8 Pro Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

Boost Your Curb Appeal: 8 Pro Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

Is your yard in need of a makeover? Maybe it looks dull and boring or maybe you have some overgrown weeds and browning grass.

But did you know a whopping 57% of people think less of those with unkempt lawns? Whether you plan to sell your house soon or you want to live in it for years to come, improving your landscaping is always a good idea.

And the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are plenty of ways you can improve your landscaping on a budget.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading for our tips and tricks.

1. Compare Prices

Think about the last time you made a big purchase. Whether you were getting a new car, a washing machine, or a sofa, you likely took the time to shop around to find the best deal. Well, the same is true for landscaping products.

Prices can vary drastically from one company to the next. So, shop around to find the best deals on flowers, sod, trees, and gardening tools.

2. Know How Big Your Plants Will Grow

Did you find the perfect little tree to plant near your porch? It may look amazing now, but you’ll want to make sure it stays that way.

That plant could end up growing to be three times the size and start to cover your porch! Not only does this mean you’ll have to put more work into your yard to cut down that tree and replace it, but it also means you’re going to spend even more money to get a new tree.

Instead, make sure you do your research and know how big the plants you plan on getting will grow. This also prevents you from buying too many plants which could result in money wasted and a cluttered looking yard.

3. Go Local

When you’re deciding what plants to choose, you’ll want to find ones that are easy to maintain. Ones that require special soil or products to survive through winter will just cost you extra in the long run.

That’s why it’s always best to go with local plants. You know they are able to grow in the weather and soil around your home, and they’ll likely be cheaper as they don’t need to be imported or get special care.

4. Add Lights

Do you enjoy using your yard at night? Let’s face it–nothing beats a late night dip in the pool or bonfire with your friends.

Adding lights is the perfect way to give your yard a wow factor at night, and there are so many budget options to choose from.

Fairy lights (also called string lights) are a wonderful option if you want to add soft lighting to your porch or under a tree. Landscaping lights are great to illuminate pathways and the area around the pool. Both options are affordable and don’t use up a lot of electricity, so your electric bill won’t skyrocket.

5. Make Your Own Compost

You could spend tons on special fertilizers to help your gardens grow. Or you can make your own for free!

Composting may sound complicated, but in reality, it’s a fairly simple process. You can either buy a composting bin or go DIY. Once you have the bin ready, just throw organic waste, such as fruit peels, egg shells, coffee, paper, and tea bags into the bin instead of the garbage.

These materials will break down and create an ultra-nutritious compost that’s perfect for your gardens and lawn. It’s eco-friendly, too!

6. Use Mulch

If you’re not a fan of composting, mulch is a great alternative. Plus, it’s fairly cheap to purchase.

Mulch helps the soil beneath it hold water, so your plants will grow better with less effort. While organic mulch may be a little more expensive, it breaks down and adds nutrients to your soil.

But perhaps the best thing about mulch is that it can actually prevent weed growth. If you are spending tons of money on weed killers, this could be the best budget landscaping tip for you.

7. Add a Border

Alright, so you’ve created your garden and planted a couple of trees in your yard–now what? Well, if you really want to take things up a notch, consider adding a border around anything not covered in grass, such as gardens with visible topsoil and plants surrounded by mulch.

This will help define the decorative areas of your landscaping and make your yard look complete. Plus, it’ll prevent mulch or dirt from escaping into your grass and making it look messy or dirty.

Stones and bricks are both great options. The best landscaping stone can completely transform your yard, so you don’t want to skimp on this step.

8. Go DIY

By now you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with how much work this will be. However, fight the temptation to hire someone and do the work yourself. This is the easiest way to save big bucks on your landscaping.

Set up a schedule to take care of mowing and weeding on a regular basis, so it doesn’t get overgrown. Plant flowers and trees yourself, and create your own DIY pathways for an amazing extra touch.

Landscaping on a Budget

Don’t settle for a dull or untidy yard any longer! With a little planning and hard work, you can improve your home’s curb appeal and have a lawn that you’re truly proud of. And by following the tips on this list, like buying local plants and using mulch, you’ll be landscaping on a budget in no time!

Do you want more ideas to spruce up your home’s exterior? Then check out these ideas to improve your curb appeal today.


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