A Comprehensive Guide to Email Verification Services

A Comprehensive Guide to Email Verification Services

If you are the founder of a well-established company, you would have required a considerable number of things to make it work. You would require an idea that will drive you forward, resources that will make your goal achievable, and the people to help you make that goal a resounding reality and of course into a success. But imagine that you have nothing at all and you want to run the company, even the statement sounds insipid and idiotic. Things need to be hand in hand which is why the concept of email verification comes up.


In the domain of digital marketing, email verification service and bulk email verifiers are something that we hear about quite often. It refers to the services and a detailed process of confirming the actuality of these email addresses that are active without any activity from your end. This helps with decreasing the number of spammers that you might have been conducting the email list verify.

Apart from segregating the number of garbage emails, it also helps in reducing the unnecessary bounce rates that you experience into your mailing server. If you have a higher amount of bounce rate then it could result in issues costing many resources into this.

Apart from that, you would also be able to validate your email IDs in large numbers from your existing mailing contacts. This helps in verification via real time, and you can also use an API integration as an added service to prevent illegal signing up in your mailer accounts.

This is one of the best practices that need to be considered and should be taken into account. Verifying your mail IDs in real time makes you aware of the actual contacts among the other fake ones. Therefore, you should also remove addresses that are not in use so that your process is streamlined.


So, we need to ask the most fundamental question, why is there a need to have an email verification service as your primary tool. You should understand that an email verifier online and a proper service that you can rely always upon comes in handy when you are stuck in critical situations. Some of the recent reports with respect to Digital Marketing have concluded that email marketing has yielded close to 4000% of returns on investment, and that is a staggering statistic.

You might be thinking to open a digital marketing firm yourself, but there is a catch to this ROI here. It is a well-known fact that email lists devalue constantly at the rate of 22% every year. If we talk on the basis of numbers, then consider that you have over 10,000 contacts with you, then 2000 emails of the lot would become invalid until the next year.

The reason being that the data quality is not up to its qualitative mark. This is the reason that verification plays a key part in distinguishing the bad quality data over the good ones. Bad quality data could yield minimal results and it would not be preferable in the long run. This is the reason that there is a long-standing need to practice mail verification process at every step of the way.

Decreased Quality leads to low output in terms of your company’s outputs and productivity. You should update your email list, keep checking for ones that have remained stagnant for a long period of time. Deleting those inactive accounts and replacing them with the new ones and so on and so forth. Email verification is not a need, it’s a mandatory thing to be considered and every company should take this up positively.


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