Why Need Smart Toilet for Your Bathroom

Why Need Smart Toilet for Your Bathroom

Smart toilets are one of the luxurious choices for our modern life. We have brought modern technology to every sphere in our lives and the time has come for the toilets. Is not it amazing to have a toilet that cleans itself, glows in the darkness, plays music to enhance privacy and above all washes and dries the toilet users? For a long time, toilets have been neglected by human when it came to innovation. Bidet of toilets alone was the only invention that came close to smart toilets. Today, these smart toilets can do more than open and flush. They also can change the seat temperature and play music for the users. Today, we are going to discuss why need smart toilet for your bathroom. We are sure that after going through this article, you will love to have a smart toilet in your bathroom.

It is not all about automation but bringing in the aspect of artificial intelligence in our washrooms. A formal definition of smart toilets describes them as toilets that open up as one approach and flushes when users leave.

Revealing why need smart toilet in your bathroom: A smart toilet can your toilet using experience

If you are thinking into upgrading your toilet then smart toilets might be your choice for bathrooms. Smart toilets make the best toilet-ware ever invented with their unique and outstanding features. The new smart toilets have those features that we never imagined to have in our toilets before. Let’s explore the features without wasting time that a smart toilet can bring to your bathroom.

Why Need Smart Toilet for Your Bathroom

  • Remote controlling:  The excellent feature ofthe smart toilet is that every smart toilet comes with a remote. This remote helps the users to use every feature that the intelligent toilet can offer. Some models supplied with remote in the touch screen and some models provided with the remote in a hard button that is attached with that smart toilet itself. Some models of toilets come with a remote controller that can be connected to the wall near to the toilets. The remote will help you to adjust every option of the smart toilet. By using the remote, you can increase or decrease the temperature of water or pressure of water of bathroom.
  • Music system: This is an exciting feature ofa smart toilet. The smart toilet comes with preloaded music to play. The smart toilet can start playing music automatically when a user enters into the bathroom or using the remote he/she can start the music any time. He/she also can change the tune using the remote.
  • Built-in LED bulbs: When you enter your bathroom, the LED bulbs will be automatically switched on. This feature will be activated based on the ambient light. If the bathroom is dark then the LED light will be activated automatically. The LED light can also be activated using the remote.
  • Feature of automatic cover & seat opening & closing:

The smart toilet is able to detect when you approach to the toilet, and it will automatically open the toilet seat and cover. As like other options, you can control this function also by using remote.After using the smart toilet, you do not have to close the seat or cover because the smart toilet will do that job. Some of us always forget to close the toilet seat cover, but that situation will be handled by the smart toilet now.

  • Automatic flushing system:

Once you have used the intelligent toilet, it will automatically flush the toilet. Not only the toilet can flush automatically, but it can flush the toilet full or eco flush.

  • Feature of heated seat:

The toilet seat of smart toilet will be heated to make you feel comfortable and warm. The temperature can be controlled by using the remote. The people in the cold regions can enjoy this feature.

  • Feature of temperature, pressure & position of cleaning water:

You will have the option to set up the cleaning water temperature, pressure and the position. The temperature and pressure of water can be increased or decreased based on your need by using the remote in the smart toilet.It is easy for the users to adjust the setting like water temperature, the pressure and the position using the remote.

  • Warm air blower & dryer feature:

There is warm air blower in the smart toilet bowl and the foot area of the smart toilet. After cleaning the warm air blower in the toilet bowl helps you to keep the bowl dry. The warm air blower in the foot area of the toilet starts automatically when you sit on the toilet. The temperature of the heated air blower of the toilet can be the controller and also it can be switched off or on by using the remote.

  • Feature of self-cleaning:

The intelligent toilet can self-clean itself. The smart toilet will flush automatically every time after use. Moreover, every 24 hours once the toilet will use ultraviolet rays to clean the toilet. The Ultraviolet rays of the toilet will disintegrate anything inside the bowl area and then flush it to clean it.The nozzle of the toilet used for the cleaning is also cleaned with water after every time used and also the ultraviolet rays of toilet will clean the nozzle.Once cleaned by the ultraviolet rays of the toilet then water will be flushed to clean and the warm air blowers will dry the bowl area of the toilet. The mentioned process ensures the complete proper cleaning of the smart toilet.

  • Water saving feature:

Intelligent toilets are the type of water efficient toilets. These smart toilets use less water compared to the other conventionaltoilets and also have options for full flush and eco flush. With the dual flushing option and the less water is used to flush the toilet properly. These smart toilets are water saving toilets.

Some other important factors about the intelligent toilets:

  • Healthy benefits for users
  • Cost effective benefit
  • Hygienic for using
  • Comfortable to use

Final words

In our above discussion about why need to smart toilet for your bathroom, we tried our level best to make you understand the amazing features of smart toilets. We are sure our discussion will be helpful for you to decorate your toilet with a smart toilet. Smart toilets are able to provide you an amazing experience of using toilet.


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