A Step By Step Guide to Purchasing Your Bathrobe the Right Way

A Step By Step Guide to Purchasing Your Bathrobe the Right Way

For years common people have spent relying on large sheets of a towel to cover themselves after a bath. However, the evolution in the textile industry and the exposure to media played a huge role in triggering people to upgrade how they use hosiery and other intimate pieces of garment. More people today are willing to invest in bathrobes for better comfort, cover and warmth they provide as compared to the towel sheets.

Other than being a stitched comfortable piece of garment, robes are also demanded since you can wear them over your pajamas and lounge around the house. Moreover, people even take their robes to resorts and spas as comfortable wear during their pampering ritual. That has also made bathrobes somewhat a fashion statement.

Today, there are various varieties and types of robes available in the market. Since most people are new to buying robes, they have little or no idea about how to buy and wear them the right way. Despite being stitched, robes do not take body shape like your regular clothes, which is why getting the right length and fit gets trickier. Here is a quick step by step guide on how to buy the right bathrobe.

Step 1: Decide Your Budget

 The first thing that you need to decide is that how much you are willing to spend on your robe. There are many different bathrobes available in the market for different price ranges. Some people like their robes plus and in high-quality fine cotton which is expensive. Others do not prefer spending so much on a bathrobe. Decide what works for you because your price range will decide what materials and weaves you will be able to buy.

Step 2: Decide the Material

Once you have your budget sorted, see what kind of material you would want. If you are buying a robe for the very first time, educate yourself about the pros and cons of different materials. Most first timers ask for pure cotton robes. Although the fine cotton robes that are treated are quite expensive, there are low-grade cotton robes available too. However, these robes start shedding their fibers after a few washes, the material gets rough and harsh for the skin, and there are high chances that the robe will shrink and not fit you anymore.

If you like your robe soft on the skin and long-lasting, it is recommended that you consider a microfleece robe. Microfleece bathrobes have 15% polyester mixed with cotton which keeps them from shrinking and increases their life while retaining their softness at the same time.

Step 3: Decide Your Style

Bathrobes come in different styles, and you will have to see what type of robes are the best fit for your preferences. Some robes will reveal more skin near your neck and chest areas. If you are living in a cold environment, you might want to avoid this style and go for a style that offers more coverage. A plush Terry robe would be a good choice. Likewise, choose the length and sleeve style of your robe. If you plan to wear your robe over your lounge pants or PJs while managing home chores, it is recommended that you go for short length robes with a straight sleeve so that they do not become a hindrance.

Step 4: Check Your Measurements

Now that you have finalized your robe make sure that you recheck your measurements before making the purchase. If you are buying your robe from a physical outlet, it would be a great idea to try it out before buying it. If you are ordering from an online store such as Bathrobe Depot, take your measurements at home using a measuring tape and then tally it with size chart on the website before ordering it. Make sure that the size you are ordering is neither too fitted nor too loose.


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