What Type Of Boss Are You?

What Type Of Boss Are You?

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You don’t necessarily have to be the boss of your own company to be reading this. You could be the manager of a store, or the manager of a small team, or even just your own manager of your own little section. As long as you have control over a role or a group of people, you’re a boss to someone. Of course, for those of you who do have your own company, you really need to have a read of this. You might have thought about what type of boss you wanted to be before you started your own company, or before you started your first shift as a manager. You would have told yourself all of these stories about how fabulous you’ll be, and about how much your staff deserve to have the best person managing them. Does this always stick right the way through? No, work life will grind you down. You’ll forget your original mission, and it can be so obvious to your employees when the stress of life can get in the way of your job, because you can just be so terrible. But there isn’t just the nastiness that can make a bad boss, there are a few other things that we want to talk about today.

The One That Doesn’t Have A Clue

Surely you’ve all worked in a job where your boss just doesn’t have the clue. The amount of times that you would have just thought to yourself, how did they get this job!? Well, you could now be that person. Someone with no business or managerial experience can go all the way to the top of a company, just through being the favourite. But the impact this has all the way down the chain of command is so obvious. If you’re the manager of your own company and you don’t have a clue about business administration or management, then it can be so plainly seen in your employee turnover and profit statistics. You have to truly know what it means to be high up in a business, so taking a business administration or management course is highly recommend by us. You can then further this and do SCU Online course that will give you an Mba. This is going to fill your brain with the knowledge it’s going to so badly need to make sure your company, or the company you’re working for, is as successful as it can be. Plus, if you’re reading this from an employees point of view, the more qualifications you have, the better life is going to be for you.

The Bossy Boss

A boss, being bossy!? How dare they. Well, we know this is what you will have thought as an employee, was it not!? But back then you just don’t realise the stress and pressure that so many CEOs and managers are under to perform, and to keep their companies afloat. But now that you’re a boss yourself, you understand what they must have been feeling when trying to deal with employees who sometimes like to cause a bit of trouble, or might not be working to the best of their ability. Tough love is all fun and games as long as you do let your employees feel the love more often. What you’ll often find though, is that most of you are going to go through that bossy boss phase at some point. You’d rather talk down to your employees than to them, because you might just think you’re above them. Keeping a formal, yet friendly relationship with your employees is just so important if you want to get the most out of them. You’ll often find that when a company has employees who just aren’t performing, it’s the treatment they’re receiving that’s behind all of the poor results. There are plenty of articles on the internet about how not to treat your employees, so make sure you have a read of a few of them, and get to know everything that your employees might be expecting of you. It’s important to make sure you know what you’re bossing them around on when you do have to. You wouldn’t believe the amount of company owners and managers alike, who shout around about the wrong thing, but won’t accept they’re wrong. Don’t make yourself look a fool!

The Very Friendly Boss

If you haven’t been in an office, or just in a role where you’ve had the very friendly boss, then you might be wondering what everyone is complaining about. Surely a very friendly boss is going to be the best one that you’ve ever come across, right? Wrong. We think there is nothing more uncomfortable than that boss who just doesn’t know any boundaries. The one who will try and get involved in every personal life conversation going, and will definitely share too much of their own personal life. Not only is this unprofessional, but it can just break that employee/employer respect. Your employees will definitely think less of you if you’re sharing all of these inappropriate stories. Some can even take it way too far, and start getting a little bit creepy. Particularly male bosses towards female workers. You really do just have to make sure you’re focused on setting boundaries, and to keep the friendly boss behaviour to nothing more than light chit chat. You don’t want to get too involved with your employees lives.

The Super Lazy Boss

Finally, you definitely don’t want to be that lazy boss. The one that everyone moans about because they just know they’re going to be doing absolutely everything, with no input or help at all. We get that you might have your own things to do, but sometimes everyone needs to pull their weight to make sure a shift is successful. The lazy boss is one that annoys employees the most. Because you’ll often find the employees hard at work, the lazy boss with their feet up, but then they’ll come in every so often to complain not enough work is being done! Don’t be like this!


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