5 Sweater Weather Essentials for the Office

5 Sweater Weather Essentials for the Office

A sweater is a wonderful piece of apparel, in that it performs much of the function of a coat or jacket – but without the attendant bulk. During the warmer months of the year, it can be a lifesaver in the air-conditioned office – especially for women; ad the temperature dips consistently further down, you probably cannot do without at least a few of them for the daily sojourn to work and outside.

Although functionality is the most important aspect of a sweater, presentation is a very close second. A nice knit helps you look and feel better, and so requires a commensurate amount of attention when you’re picking one out. Generally, the method is to plan on getting several sweaters so that you can alternate through them adequately through the next four months of the fall and winter seasons (the bulk of the cold season). Or you might consider layering them!

1. The V-Neck Sweater for a Touch of Sophistication

Don’t these just look elegant, all folded and pressed in the display section of the upscale clothing store? You can actually find the V-Neck sweater almost anywhere – with different levels of quality, of course – but you want at least a couple of high quality ones in your closet. These sweaters are perfect for your collar free get-ups, and they are tailor-made for a chinos and wristwatch ensemble. There are simply some places where you cannot reasonably wear a t- shirt or a coat; for these, the simple but solid elegance of the V-Neck sweater will do nicely. It definitely elevates you above the other guys around when you’re looking to make a visual impression.

2. Hoodies

Don’t think for a second that all hoodies are made the same – the Luxe Hoodie is definitely the luxury component of the famous sweater comfort style. Although it’s of a fleece construction, and quite tailored to the more relaxed office wear of the modern era, the Luxe Hoodie speaks of a greater level of elegance when it comes to hoodies that you would never wear it to the gym for a workout.

The look and feel gives it away – it’s very polished, and open to being worn with dress shoes or sneakers. If you choose the former, then you’d better have a professional-looking collared shirt underneath for support. Regardless, the Luxe Hoodies is still casual enough to wear with sneakers occasionally; but since you’d better not be wearing it work out, how often would you expect to do that combination?

3. Striped Sweaters As a Standard of Easy Sophistication

You can’t really go wrong with the striped sweater when it comes to the style realm above the casual; it’s a must-have in any grown man’s closet. The stripes are the trademark, and they can be thin or thick as suits your particular style, or as complements the bulk of your other apparel.

Now that we’ve established that the striped sweater is a necessity; you must ask – why? Because it straightaway changes your dockers, chino pants or dress pants into a full outfit. You can wear a polo shirt with the aforementioned pants and still be considered casual; but by tossing on a striped sweater, you suddenly graduate to refined or classy. Additionally, since, despite the old saying, we all judge a book by its cover, stripes can accomplish several things: if you’re short and you wear a sweater with vertical stripes, it will make you appear taller. If you wear a sweater with horizontal stripes, it will give your chest a more bulked-up look.

4. The So-Called Throwback Sweater

This is an ode to the decades past, in which you perhaps might have had your favorite style. The old throwback sweater need not be actually old – this just refers to the decade in which it was the standard. It could be the University sweatshirt or the ‘90s knit; it’s still a good choice for those cold office mornings. Toss it on with some modern pants and other accessories for a full outfit.

5. Henleys Aren’t Just for Outdoorsmen

The henley is a tried and true sweater that performs both of its primary functions: warmth without bulk and stylishness. It’s generally regarded as bridging the gap between casual and office-ready attire, which makes it a positive investment. Unless you work at a construction site (in the field; not in the office), you want to stick to single color tones with the henley – otherwise you’ll look like you cut down trees for a living. There’s obviously nothing wrong with unless it’s not the look you’re going for! The henley is thick enough to be considered a sweater, so you can even toss one over your shoulder for when the temperature dips.


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