5 Hidden Costs of Moving

5 Hidden Costs of Moving

Moving to a new home is exciting. Not only does it open you to a new space, but it often comes with big lifestyle changes like a new job or moving in with a partner. However, even if you’ve calculated all the costs of getting from Point A to Point B in one piece, there are likely still unexpected costs you haven’t considered.

Moving is one of those things that gets expensive quickly. When handling movers, gas money, cleaning, and supplies, the costs add up faster than you think. If you want to be truly prepared for your next move, make sure you include these 5 hidden costs into your budget.

5 Hidden Costs of Moving

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1. Insurance Coverage Rate Change

Where you live affects how much you pay in insurance. This isn’t just limited to housing insurance or rental insurance. Beyond that, your insurance rates are affected across the board. That means you can expect to pay more for auto coverage, health insurance, and beyond. You might be surprised to learn that this is the case even if you’ve only moved across town.

When you report your new address, you’ll likely notice a shift in your rates. This is even more complicated if you’re moving out of the state or country and need to change insurance providers altogether. The best thing you can do is research these changes in advance. By contacting your provider, they may be able to offer you a quote based on your new location.

2. Transporting Your Car

Moving across town with your car might not be a big deal, but that becomes a lot more complicated when you start adding distance. For those who collect cars or who have more than one family vehicle, this is even trickier. Luckily, there are car transport services that will do this heavy lifting for you. Learn how much to ship a car from your location to your destination to consider these costs in your overall budget.

3. Purchasing New Things

While you can travel with a lot of old furniture into your new place, a lot of things will need to be replaced. Some furniture, appliances, kitchenware, and more are simply too costly to bring with you, especially if you’re traveling a far distance. In this case, you’ll need to replace all of these things in your own home which can add up quickly.

The most costly things that individuals rarely consider when moving are the “lost in the fray” items like cleaning supplies, kitchen goods, and toiletries. While these are inexpensive on their own, they’re not cheap to replace in bulk.

5 Hidden Costs of Moving

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4. Utility Changes and Costs

When you have to switch utility companies or utility service locations, there are a lot of fees associated with these changes. Many providers treat you like a new customer when you contact them about switching locations. In some cases, it will be downright impossible to avoid paying extra fees for small things like internet coverage in your new home.

The best way to keep these costs down is to talk to your current providers before you move. They usually have a process for helping you transition to your new space, but you’ll need to do your best to make sure this process runs smoothly.

5. Storage Costs

Finally, the last unexpected fee is the cost of storage. Most people aren’t able to move into their new home right away. Sometimes leases begin a few days late or your mortgage doesn’t clear as quickly as you anticipated. These roadblocks are common, but they’re also costly. You’ll likely need to arrange a space to keep your belongings in the meantime. Moving storage facilities will charge depending both on how much space you need and how long you’ll need to keep your items with them.

The best way to lower storage costs is to either reduce the number of belongings you need to store or see if there’s a friend or family member you can leave your stuff with for the time being. An extra garage is valuable at a time like this. Otherwise, do your best to lower the time spent between homes.

Moving is a great way to grow your space and welcome in a new part of your life. Just make sure these unexpected costs don’t catch you off guard. When calculating your total moving costs, leave extra room for the unexpected.


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