VPN: Does it work in Android OS for Smartphone?

VPN: Does it work in Android OS for Smartphone?

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon, to see school going children walking with Ipads and Smartphone. In the pre-Smartphone era, phones were only a preserve of adults and persons were who were considered to have attained the adult age of 18 years. In some European countries, adult age begins from 21 years of age.

It is increasingly becoming difficult to control children with Smartphone’s. Studies in the past have given credence to the fact that Smartphone and internet addictions are fast becoming common trends in the world. Add this to the list of other common addictions and you realize technology is not only beneficial but detrimental as well.

Smartphone’s addiction cut across the divide, with both children and young adults being part of this unhealthy lifestyle habit. To know how deep-rooted and addictive Smartphone’s have become, pass by a family sharing a meal at a restaurant. You are most likely to picture a family with less talking but much of laughing by themselves while glued to their Smartphone’s. Never even caring to share the laughter.

 Smartphone’s are turning kids and teenagers into internet zombies, especially with the pressure to build a reputation on social media platforms. Neither walks without the urge to intermittently check their Smartphone’s. This they do with the excitement of wanting to know how many likes and comments they could get on their social status updates.

Smartphone internet connection: Is it safe?

VPN: Does it work in Android OS for Smartphone? in hand It is clear that Smartphone’s are now turning out to be the primary mode of accessing the internet. Whether it is to send out emails, update your social media account or do internet banking, a Smartphone does this for you successfully. As such, people are turning out to using Smartphone’s more online as compared to other devices such as laptops.

When it comes to connecting to the internet using your Smartphone, your personal data is never safe. It could fall into the hands of hackers who might invade your privacy and put you at risk of losing your money and other important information.

However, this should not give you a reason to worry about your privacy online as your Smartphone keeps changing its IP address with your new location.  All the same, you still have no reason to be comfortable yet.

You use your Smartphone to send a lot of data online including pictures, videos and torrenting. Any device that connects online including your Smartphone has got two IP addresses. One is private and the other is public.

Your router uses your public IP address to connect to the internet. Your router also works to create a private IP address for computers within your area. This forms a local area network. Your public IP address is the one that is visible to outside your local area network. If unprotected, it could get hacked and your data interfered with.

Given that my IP address changes with location, I’m I still visible online?

VPN: Does it work in Android OS for Smartphone? finger touch

When you move from one location to another during the course of surfing the internet, your IP address provided by your internet service provider keeps changing but you still remain visible online.  By the very reason that a website is able to send you pictures and files means that your IP address is visible to them. Otherwise, this would never have been possible.

Website owners of a site you visit can be able to trace your location using your ISP. They can also be able to see any other persons visiting their website through your router and how often you visit. Your ISP gives them information about your neighborhood but not necessarily your home.

How do I make my Smartphone activities online anonymous?

VPN: Does it work in Android OS for Smartphone?

If you are using an Android phone to connect to the internet, then you need to consider using an Android VPN to make your online activities anonymous. You want to avoid your mobile data provider spying on you.

Here are a few advantages an Android VPN gives to your Smartphone online:

  • You can be able to stream and torrent without censorship
  • Bypassing restrictions on geo-blocked websites
  • Conceals your identity online
  • Prevents snooping on your internet connection
  • Keeps safe your personal data

How does an Android VPN function?

Once you install an Android VPN on your Smartphone, the VPN protects your phone data by encrypting it. Your information moves encrypted from your Android phone to a VPN server. The VPN server decrypts the information before sending it to the intended website. This website is able to see the IP address provided by VPN and not your true IP address. You can get to sample some of the best VPN services offered online via BestVPN.com

Choosing the best VPN for your Android phone

VPN: Does it work in Android OS for Smartphone? locked phone

Not all the VPNs sold through online stores and websites will give you the best service for your money. You want to use this criterion to choose the best Virtual Private Network.

  • The VPN provider should have a mobile version of the app
  • Download the VPN app from Google play store only as it is the safest site.
  • Install the app by first creating an account and also specify the region you would like to browse from
  • Once installed it comes with an icon at the top of your Smartphone screen.

Some of the best VPNs in the market include IPvanish VPN, NordVPN and pure VPN.


Smartphones have millions of users currently. Most of these Smartphones are used by teenagers and young adults. While Smartphones can browse the internet freely, they are not secure online unless you acquire a free or paid VPN.

They contain IP addresses given by ISP.A VPN works by encrypting data from a user to a VPN server here is VPN for Omegle. When the data reaches the VPN service it is decrypted and moved to your destination website. Some of the advantages that come with a VPN include protection online, access to geo-blocked websites, and the ability to torrent without reprisal. You are better off paying for an android VPN than downloading one freely.


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