Simple ways to maintain your kitchen island in good shape

Simple ways to maintain your kitchen island in good shape

Kitchen cleaning starts with areas which are predominantly used. The moment you or anyone enters your kitchen, the kitchen island is the first thing that grabs the attention, be it an eyesore or a treat for the sore eyes. Your kitchen island is also the work area where you chop vegetable and do most of your cooking. That being said, not only it has to be clutter-free but hygienic as well.

While cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen island is one of the most important chores, keeping it clutter-free has several benefits.

When you are in the kitchen, whether cooking or preparing tea, whatever that comes down on your worktop should go back up after use. Anything that lingers over there creates a spoil spot as a whole. Also, those watermarks and cup rings, if not cleaned right away, sit there for an hour or so to leave a permanent stain.

If you keep your kitchen island clutter-free, it is easy to rule out any possibilities of spillage and damage.

There’s no rocket science involved. All you need to do is develop certain habits and create a set of kitchen rules to prolong your kitchen island’s life and make it look great at all times.

Place the refrigerator next to your kitchen island

If you are someone who often takes something out of the fridge, leaves it on the countertop and forgets to put it back after use, positioning your fridge closer to your kitchen island might help. Having the fridge positioned close by, you will always remember to put the item back in there.

Use recommended cleaning products only

Cleaning your kitchen island is different from cleaning the sink and floors. The techniques are different and so are the detergents. Kitchen design experts in Oxford advise not to use regular detergent on the kitchen island as it may do more harm than good.

Protect from spillage

Spills and drops are common in every kitchen, but certain elements are the worst enemies of your kitchen island, and you should use them carefully around your kitchen island. If your kitchen island has granite or any stone countertop, protect it from citric spillage, for instance. Lemon, tomato, orange juice and vinegar react with stone countertops quickly to create a milky substance that settles and forms a permanent stain if not treated immediately. These elements also cause the countertop to etch and change texture.

Make use of cabinets

Do not let your utensils strewn across the countertop. Make it a habit to keep them where they belong – inside the cabinets or on the rack. Leaving utensils on the countertop exposes them to dirt, making them germ-stricken and adding to your dusting chores. It takes only a minute to arrange your clean utensils in a proper order and leave your kitchen island available for other things.

Use placemats

While using relatively heavy appliances on your kitchen island, consider slipping underneath a placemat to prevent chips and scratches altogether. When they say prevention is better than cure, you must listen, because fixing a cracked or chipped countertop is not easy, whereas replacing it can be a major expense. Placemats are also helpful in protecting your countertop from extremely hot items.

Use quality countertop for your kitchen island

The best way to keep your kitchen island in good shape is to make a quality purchase. When you consult a professional regarding your kitchen design in Oxford or wherever you are based, discuss various possibilities to creating a kitchen island that looks great, feels smooth to touch and stands up to regular abuse. Your kitchen contractor should suggest the best for your budget and design preference.

Even if it takes a couple of pounds more to bring in that quality piece, never skimp on it. Every penny spent will pay off in the future.


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