Staying Fit When You Sit Down All Day for Work

Staying Fit When You Sit Down All Day for Work

If your job involves sitting down for 8-12 hours a day, it can be pretty tough to keep fit and healthy. However, that isn’t to say it’s impossible.

Recent research has shown that sitting for long periods of time every day can be just as damaging to the health as smoking. So, if you’re looking to get healthier, here, we’ll look at some of the best ways you can stay fit when you sit down all day for work.

Keeping fit in the office

If you have a desk job, there’s actually a surprising number of things you can do to stay active throughout the day. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, working out on your lunch break and even swapping a chair for a stability ball can all prove useful.

There’s even exercise equipment you can buy for your desk to help get a workout in without even leaving your chair. Resistance bands can help you to exercise your arms, thighs and hips, while ankle weights can help you to perform great leg workouts under the desk. Why not browse the numerous types of office desk exercise equipment available and see just how easy it is to exercise throughout the day?

Keeping fit on the road

Sitting at a desk all day is one thing, but how do you keep fit if you’re a driver? Well, legally you should be getting a certain number of breaks from driving throughout the day. So, why not put these to good use by getting in a quick workout?

Even just a 10-15-minute workout during the day is enough to keep the body active. Get out of the vehicle, stretch your legs and do a short, high-intensity workout. Not only will the body feel better, but it will also energise the brain too, leaving you feeling a lot more awake and focused for the rest of the drive.

A lot of people give up their dream of driving for a living due to the worry of becoming really unhealthy. However, as you can see it is possible to keep fit while driving. So, why not invest in that new taxi from Cab Direct and follow the tips above to keep yourself fit and active. 

Finally, don’t forget to eat right. A sit-down job requires fewer calories throughout the day than a more active position. So, take healthy snacks, always eat a hearty and healthy breakfast and try not to eat at your desk or behind the wheel.

It may be more difficult to stay fit and active when you’re sitting down for most of the day. However, the tips above will help you to squeeze in a little exercise and feel so much better throughout the day.


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