Decluttering Car Tips Every Mom Must Know

Decluttering Car Tips Every Mom Must Know

A cluttered car is a sure sign of a busy mom, especially when you work full-time or have multiple children to juggle in your household. While it may seem impossible to keep your vehicle clean, there are a few decluttering tips to keep in mind before the next time you take a trip with your family.

Use Plastic Bags for Trash 

Find a place inside of your vehicle to hand a small plastic bag for trash while you are on the go or transporting your children to and from school and other events. Plastic bags are lightweight and easy to maneuver, providing you with a trash receptacle that can be thrown away once a week to minimize the amount of garbage your vehicle accumulates.

Use a Backpack for Travel Supplies 

Avoid adding to the clutter of your vehicle by packing a duffel bag or backpack with your children’s necessities. Use a backpack to store wipes, rags, bottles, snacks, and other on-the-road items that often end up thrown around and messy when left out. Place your travel backpack in the back of your vehicle or inside of your trunk to minimize the mess and clutter whenever you are on the road.

Invest in Durable Floor Mats 

Spills and crumbs are expected when traveling with children of all ages, especially when taking long drives or road trips. Investing in durable floor mats helps to maintain your vehicle’s flooring condition while also protecting from permanent stains and destruction. Shop for durable floor mats for Nissan Rogue vehicles or your vehicle’s make and model to find the most suitable options available on the market for your family.

Hampers and Storage Bins 

Flexible cloth hampers that hang are optimal when you travel with children who participate in sports and outdoor extracurricular activities. Use hanging hampers to store sports balls, gear, and even outfits for each of your children to keep the items from getting lost or ruined by your children walking over them each time they enter and exit your vehicle.

Consider tied laundry bags for additional clothing and necessities you need to travel with each day when you have your children in the car.

Ask Your Children to Help Clean 

Ask your children to participate in the cleaning of your car to encourage less-messy habits. Have your children gather and throw away trash while sorting through soda cans and belongings that are valuable to them.

Provide your children with a shop vacuum to eliminate crumbs while also sharing the responsibility of getting stains out of carpets and seating. When children are held responsible for their mess, they are less likely to contribute to the overall clutter in the car and elsewhere.

Declutter Regularly 

Have your children help you declutter regularly rather than allow your vehicle to become extremely messy or daunting. After school each day, remind your children to clean up their trash while ensuring they complete the task before they are rewarded with screen time or time to play outdoors.

Decluttering regularly also helps eliminate tantrums and hesitant children once the vehicle has mounting heaps of trash inside. With a regular decluttering schedule, ensure your vehicle remains as clean as possible while you also teach your family about the responsibilities of cleaning up after themselves.

All in the Family

Maintaining a system when driving with your children is one way to minimize the clutter in your vehicle without feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the thought of traveling long distance with your family in the car. With the right preparation and an understanding between you and your children, ensure your vehicle remains clean and free from clutter at all times.

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