The Candida Crusher E-Book – Is it helpful when trying to lose weight

The Candida Crusher E-Book - Is it helpful when trying to lose weight

Every decade brings new ideas on health and wellbeing, and several people who claim to have discovered the ultimate to lose weight, and to be fair some are more effective and palatable than others. From the unfortunate advice to live on cabbage soup for weeks on end, to the martyrs who suffered nothing but the delightful combo of eggs and grapefruit at every meal, the medical profession touted controlling calories as the only route to success.

Jump to the 21st century, and the revelation that weight loss could in fact be addressed by identifying and tackling health problems we may not even know we have. Like candida! Written by naturopathic doctor Erik Bakker, The Candida crusher e-book has touched the lives of many thousands of people around the world. If you’d like a full review of the candida crusher, then click here

What exactly is candida?

Candida is a type of bacteria or fungus that is present throughout the human body. In most cases it harms nothing an you are never aware of it, but when it multiplies the chances of experiencing something unpleasant, such as thrush (mouth or genitals), a urine infection, dandruff, athlete’s foot, or bloating are very high.

What triggers candida growth?

There are a couple of major culprits. Firstly it could be that the number of ‘good’ bacteria in your system drops for some reason, usually due to antibiotics, a bacterial infection, pregnancy and so on, allowing candida to grow faster than usual. The other possibility is that your consumption of sugar (in any form) has allowed the candida to overfeed. Although being overweight doesn’t directly cause a candida overgrowth it does make it more likely.

Does the Candida Crusher e-book focus on how to lose weight?

This is not a diet book, but weight loss for those who read, understand and follow the advice it contains are bound to shed excess pounds quite naturally. Over around 700 pages Dr. Bakker clearly explains all aspects of candida (yeast) infections, from where they come from to how to identify yours and eliminate it.

You will have access to guides on the long term management of this problem – it won’t disappear in just hours or day, and this includes plenty of information on a three-stage eating plan. Everything is natural – no medications or artificial treatments.

Will the e-book Candida Crusher help me lose weight then?

If you follow the advice and information given in the book there’s no reason why you won’t lose weight. The contents of this e-book are copyrighted, so exact details cannot be noted here, but do keep in mind that this is not a book outlining a calorie controlled diet, but rather one that outlines lifestyle and food changes which will eliminate candida, and allow your body to function properly again. As with any eating plan there needs to be effort and discipline to reach success, but most people seem to find a diet without processed food, refined sugars and flours, high yeast or smoked items helps to shift weight and keep it off.


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