Décor Or Day Spa? Creating A Tranquil Home For A Stressful Person

Décor Or Day Spa? Creating A Tranquil Home For A Stressful Person


The irony is that DIY and tranquility do not go hand in hand. But, with the popularity of DIY surging, and the cost of getting professionals in to do the most mundane of tasks, the fact is, the vast majority of us are taking on a lot more housework than we used to do before. And when we are looking at sprucing up our house in one way or another, it’s only our opinions that we have to adhere to. If you are trying to redesign your home for a specific reason, such as creating a more tranquil environment, the fact is, a professional can get in the way somewhat. So, with that in mind, if you are not sure where to begin in creating a tranquil home, especially if you have a stressful life, let’s begin with a few of the fundamentals.

Where Is Your Relaxation Space?

While it would be ideal to give the whole of your house a makeover to make it embody a more relaxing feel, when we are struggling for money, we’ve got to pick our battles. It’s far better for us to choose one room, and to make that our relaxation space. And if you got other people in the house that don’t share your own opinions of tranquility, then you are going to be fighting a losing battle anyway. Picking one space that is for you is going to concentrate your efforts better, but also save you money in the long run. If you have a spare room, and you have ideas to decorate it accordingly, this is great, but if you are like the vast majority of us, and there isn’t a spare room in the house, then you should go for the back garden. Most people go for the back garden because it’s a space that is open to interpretation. It’s also a great way to add value to your home. But how can you begin to create a tranquil garden? Well, you could go for various water features, or end up getting pond equipment that is on the right side of expensive. Because, after all, if you are looking to create a more tranquil environment, you could easily hemorrhage money on water features that may be expensive to run. Instead, it is better for you to go for a handful of items that pepper the garden with some style, but does work at relaxing your senses. And when it comes to relaxing your senses, the next point is one of the most vital…

What Colors Would You Like?

Color says a lot about us as individuals, and before you consider painting the house top to bottom, you want to think about what your favorite color is, and if it’s actually conducive to a relaxing atmosphere. A lot of people underestimate color in the house and go for the dull uninspiring hues, but instead, you can still add lot of style but have the right colors at hand to calm you down after a stressful day. Remember, color will have an impact on you not just in terms of what you see, but on an emotional and psychological level too. There are numerous guides online to get you acquainted with the best types of color for your temperament, but also what goes with your decor. We can struggle to marry the decor with the right colors, and if we are limited in terms of finances, then it’s not worth picking colors when everything else on display in the house sticks out like a sore thumb.

Don’t Forget The Smells

What communicates a relaxing atmosphere for you? Is it the smell of home cooked food? Or do you come home and all you can smell is pet stench, which automatically sends your senses reeling? Smell is an overlooked element of relaxation in the home, but it can be created very simply. Various scented candles can automatically warm your senses, such as, with the upcoming winter weather, cranberry scented candles can get you in the mood for Christmas early. There are thousands upon thousands of scented candles out there but if you are looking for quick ways to calm down a stressful temperament, lavender is always the best bet.

Keeping Sound Out

And as a relaxing atmosphere can be tempted by noisy neighbors, it’s important to find ways to keep sound out. You can insulate your walls accordingly, but this can be pretty expensive. If you are looking for a short-term, and cheap, method to keep noise out, you may want to find a crafty way of carpeting the walls. Granted, this may look like you’ve regressed back to the 70s, but as far as keeping one room stress-free; this could provide a short-term solution. In addition to this, you can purchase sound insulation foam or insulation boards, which vary in price. You can work at masking the sound of your neighbors, especially if you are in the garden, by planting extra shrubbery, but also being a bit cleverer in where you sit and set up your relaxation space in the garden. A little knowledge of science and angles may serve you well in this instance!

It’s not just about how you decorate the space, it’s about finding other ways to ensure that you can relax right away. If your home is full of junk from top to bottom, then the simple act of decluttering will benefit you immensely. In addition to this, there are pieces of advice that are considered old hat now, such as banning electronics and that devilish blue light from the bedroom, or any room in which you want to relax. The fact is, if you come home from a stressful day at work, slam the door, and pace up and down the hallway, until you have calmed down, it isn’t just bad for you, it’s bad for the weft of the carpet! We all get stressed, and it’s about how we handle it, but also the environment in which we surround ourselves in. So, take some time to think about this, and transform your home.



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