4 Ethical Fashion Pieces You Must Buy To Build A Sustainable Wardrobe

4 Ethical Fashion Pieces You Must Buy To Build A Sustainable Wardrobe

Fast shopping has turned us into people who earn hard day and night and just come back to give all the money to these brands that show us what is trendy and what is in fashion and socially acceptable. Slow shopping ethically and sustainably is a concept that is gaining acknowledgment all over the world. Most of the people don’t understand the idea and therefore end up believing that it means just boycotting style as a whole, while that is not the case. Shopping ethically mean that one should know whether the human and labor rights were met while making the piece and shopping sustainably means that is one keeps in mind what effect that clothing has on the environment and will it last or not. To clear all the misconception around ethical and sustainable wardrobes here listed below are 4 Ethical Fashion Pieces You Must Buy To Build a Sustainable Wardrobe.

Pieces from the tree of life

It is an Australian based ethical and sustainable brand that has a vast variety of patterns and colors and designs that are beautiful. The dresses are gorgeous and the materials used are fantastic too. The pants are an absolute must they are light and vibrant. The Lenin material makes it really comfortable also

Sportswear and bathrobes from girlfriend collective

The pieces from here are absolutely beautiful. It is located in Vietnam and is a company that provides fair wages and a pleasant working environment. Apart from that, it makes close put of post-consumer water bottles which is a great benefit to the society. The pieces from here last very long and are incredibly comfortable. After conducting a comparative test, I came to know that they last longer than even Victoria secrets. The squat test made sure that the pants were not see through. The work out pants from girlfriend collective should be a must. Apart from that the bath robes are not only extremely soft but also available in different styles.


Thrifting is like looking for treasure without a map. To build a sustainable closet, you should go thrifting and even if you don’t like the shirt or skirt but you love the print or the material you should buy it. There are many DIYs on YouTube that can help you to change what you don’t want into something that you would love to wear. As the trends is gaining acknowledgement I have seen teenager make their prom dress themselves after picking up a typical dress from the thrift store and working on it a bit, they look absolutely beautiful.


If you’re into strappy dresses, then any piece from Ref is sure to be what you’re looking for. They go for a casual semi-formal LA style and pull it off pretty good. They use deadstock fabric which means that they have vintage clothing. The style sense is really great, and it is a great way to help the environment is you are not looking to go completely green. Apart from sustainability, the company is ethical, and all human rights are followed while they are produced.

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