Advancement in Technology in 2018

Advancement in Technology in 2018

We often hear people saying this quote “Change is the law of nature” and yes it is true we need to change ourselves may be our habits, our lifestyle, our job etc. As life demands, some change some advancements if we become stagnant then there is no fun of living and others will advance and we will remain at that stage we were years back. So is true with the technology, if there is no technology advancement according to changing lifestyles then there is no scope of human life for further existence. Yes, it is true as we daily hear a new type of virus a new type of disease such as Nipah virus is in trend nowadays. So, if we do not research over it, if we do not advance our technology it would not be possible to save humankind with such kind of diseases and will eventually lead to human extinction.

What are the recent advancements in technology?

  • Hoverboards: Hoverboards are a good and recent advancement in technology. Where Hoverboards are scooters with self-balance as an important property on which anyone a kid or an adult can stand and travel a distance, listen to music etc. It is a new and stylish way of traveling for those who like to travel independently and want to show-off too.
  • Artificial Intelligence powered robots: As shortage of water is not a part of a particular country but also a problem for the whole world so, IBM has developed an artificial intelligence powered robot that will monitor the microscopic plankton’s behavior that will suggest regarding the condition of the aquatic life, the level of pollution in water etc.
  • Cryptography in lattice style: Lattices are complex structures in algebraic form. So, what lattice cryptography does is it helps in encoding the sensitive data in high dimensional structures(algebraic) so that it is not easy for any hacker to crack it and not easy for him to retrieve the sensitive information.
  • 3-D metal printing: Although 3-D printing is not a new thing as it has been there for around half a decade. But the newest thing about it is that it is working with metals also i.e. people nowadays are replacing their small car parts using the car parts developed from 3-D metal printing and these parts are even stronger than the original ones. We can say that soon this 3-D metal printing will replace the bigger companies.
  • Not-real embryos: Nowadays the technology has moved so far that without an egg or sperm embryologists(those who study the prenatal development of gametes) are have developed an embryo of the mouse without using egg or sperm but only with a cell of some other embryo known as a stem cell. The team is now trying to experiment this on human’s stem cells also that if human embryos can also be created in a similar fashion.

GoPro, the compact cameras that are suitable for carrying anywhere, as they are lightweight and easy to carry the type of cameras that are in such a way that the travelers can click pictures or make videos even in harsh conditions.

  • Pixel buds: Pixel buds are the earbuds or in lame language, we can say earphones that are made by Google. What these pixel buds do is they translate the language of the speaker to the listener. The speaker wears the pixel buds and the listener holds the speaker’s phone when the speaker is done with what he wants to say then the pixel buds translate his language as desired by the listener and make the voice of the phone loud so that the listener can listen to what has been translated.
  • No carbon fuel: A company is putting all its efforts in order to produce clean energy from natural gas, which is an important and primary source of energy production. As using natural gas for energy production releases a good amount of carbon in the air that is harmful to all the life forms.

So, constant efforts are by the company are there to produce energy by controlling the amount of carbon produced and controlling it in such a way that it does not get released into the atmosphere.

  • Automated bots in banks: In China, there are automated robots that help the bank customers to enter to the right counter so to get their work done. The customers need to press the options available on the bot named Ira and as per the preference set by the customer she takes them to the exact count and helps them in getting their work done.
  • Fortune telling using genes: Scientists are using genetic information that can predict health risks of an individual in future, i.e. when a child will grow older what problems he/she may face due to changes in the body such as he may face Alzheimer’s or maybe cancer so this can be predicted using his/her genetic information.
  • Study of molecules using quantum leap: The researches in IBM have successfully simulated a small molecule using qubits that is quantum bits a new revolution in terms of computers. This would help in studying of the molecules in details, which in return would help in the making of advance and good medicines to cure different diseases.
  • Monitoring bot: Moon is a monitoring boot that can communicate with Google home as well as take care of the home. It also acts as a pet monitor that floats wirelessly in the house and gets charged wirelessly too. It can control the house from anywhere in the world such as lights and all. Moreover, it also warns for damage things in the house.

A Drawback of advancement:

Having so much advancement in technology also leads to some problems. Automated robots that are doing the work in lesser time such as we can say the 3-d metal printer, if using the 3-d metal printer, people will easy make metal stuff such as small parts of cars then what will be the need of the small people who survive on the business of repairing car parts. This way they will lose their work.


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