Top Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends for 2018

Top Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends for 2018

Interior design, like fashion, goes through changes and trends. Those styles which were considered modern and “must-haves” for your kitchen may now be considered off-trend. As the kitchen is the central point of any home, ensuring that room is up-to-date, with all the expected modern conveniences, is essential for keeping a fresh and comfortable home. Certain companies specialize in turning your kitchen into a modern marvel.

One of the aspects of a kitchen that often gets overlooked is the kitchen cabinets. Trends in countertops, flooring, and appliances have changed drastically over the past decade. While kitchen cabinetry hasn’t seen this dramatic change, there are some new factors that should be considered to keep your kitchen the modern marvel it should be.


Recently, interior designers and contractors have seen a resurgence in the number of homeowners who are returning to oak as the preferred material of their kitchen cabinets. Historically, oak was the main material of kitchen cabinets, although its usage began to drop off in the mid-90s. Soon, having kitchen cabinets made out of oak was thought of to be cliché, and its popularity declined. Now, however, the material’s versatility in construction and aesthetic has brought oak cabinetry back to the center stage, with many homeowners choosing this material once again.


Color choice is also a great indication of whether or not your kitchen is on-trend. Not surprising, customization is what people are looking for. No longer are homeowners satisfied with an off-the-shelf kitchen design – they want something that is uniquely their own. One simple and fairly inexpensive way to achieve this is by changing the color of the kitchen cabinets. Neutral or light tones, like the natural wood color or white and grey are the preferred color for modern-day kitchens. These colors allow the kitchen to maintain a sleek and uncluttered look, which is what most homeowners are trying to achieve.

In some cases, homeowners are opting to go with a dark, intense color – like black or slate. These colors, while not as popular as the lighter tones, ensures the kitchen unique and specifically tailored to a particular homeowner. While color variations are common, the most important part of color choice is fitting the design concept of the house overall. As long as the kitchen fits into the greater aesthetic, the homeowner will be happy.

Transitional Styles

The kitchen serves many purposes in a home. From a design perspective, being the central focus of the house in most cases, the kitchen can serve as a transitional location. Many times, there are more than one design aesthetics being incorporated into a home. If one person desires a more traditional dining room, while another wants sleek and modern lines in the family room, a kitchen that incorporates both of these styles is a great way to bring the house’s design all together.

Kitchen cabinets are a great way to facilitate this transitional style. The material the cabinets are made out of, the cut and formation of the cabinets themselves, as well as the color and finish of the doors and the handles and hinges, all contribute to the overall aesthetic. To create such a style, multiple finish types might be incorporated, using different colors and styles to create a specific look.

New Technology

The advent of new technology has contributed significantly to modern kitchen design. A sleek look with a distinct lack of clutter is a highly sought after design. Cabinets can help make this design a reality, as they also have new innovations. Self-closing cabinet drawers and doors make handles unnecessary, helping maintain that clean look.

Additionally, cabinets can now be made with this new technology in mind. The most basic of new kitchens cabinets should have charging ports for your smart devices built into them. Some homeowners might go so far as to install charging docks or wireless speakers into their cabinets as well. Finally, under-cabinet lighting is another new technological addition that can be added to the cabinets. Installing color-changing LEDs to your cabinets can change the whole feel of the kitchen with the touch of a button – and the changing of the lighting colors. Creating cabinets that incorporate new technology ensures its seamless integration into the kitchen itself.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is another current cabinetry trend. Although it may seem like open shelves goes against the clean and decluttered design ideal, in fact, it does just the opposite. By installing open shelving instead of traditional cabinetry, the kitchen will have a lot more light and air in it, leading the room to have a more open feel.

These shelves also give the homeowner the ability to display their design choices in a much simpler way. As noted above, all of these trends point to one thing: the customization of the kitchen. By allowing the homeowners to display what they want, how they want, open shelves easily create a customized kitchen, honing in on the specific design aesthetic of the homeowner.


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