The Road to Renaissance – A Traveller’s Guide to Experiencing Rome

The Road to Renaissance - A Traveller’s Guide to Experiencing Rome


Europe promises travellers a seemingly never-ending list of beautiful places to visit, food to eat, and culture to soak up. Whether trekking through the countryside or rambling through some of the world’s most photogenic cities, travellers have a variety of diversions to take in on a European adventure. And, nowhere in Europe is as iconic, jaw-droppingly beautiful or oozing with more culture and history, than Rome.

However, the Italian capital is not known for being a budget destination and with is much more than a stone’s throw from Australia’s shores. However, don’t let the cost of getting here, or being here, put you off as with financing such as such as Latitude travel loans, this once in a lifetime trip can be realised. In no time at all, you can be exploring the Colosseum, eating gelato while strolling through ancient cobblestone streets and watching the world go by at the stunning Trevi Fountain.

Continue reading to learn more about the wonders of Rome and why this city is a must for any European itinerary.

When To Go

Regardless of the season, Rome is a great travel choice throughout the year. However, those who want to travel but do not want to be overwhelmed by incessant crowds should consider the first part of the year when the city is quiet, even though the weather is colder. Alternatively, for the full Rome experience, avoid travelling during August when many businesses close and residents vacate the city. Instead, opt for the early spring (March) when a festive atmosphere envelops the city, as Easter becomes a reason for tourists to crowd the Vatican City and its museums.

Where To Stay

Rome offers travellers a range of accommodations, which cater to all budgets, tastes and styles. In addition to hotels, travellers can find a number of serviced apartments, hostels and guesthouses to choose from. Nowadays, boutique guesthouses and hotels are becoming increasingly popular, especially with young couples and those looking for the more romantic side of Rome. No matter, where you choose to stay, you will be treated to a warm Italian welcome, great food and wonderful hospitality throughout your visit to the Italian capital.

What To Do

In addition to the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain and Roman Forum, travellers can tour the numerous museums and galleries that display art and artefacts that are the narrative of the city’s history. While many of these museums do charge an entrance fee, they feature some of the greatest art in western civilisation.

Travellers can also get their dose of music whether taking in the opera or individual troupes that play throughout the year. Many of these performances are performed inside, but when the weather gets warmer, don’t be surprised to find yourself watching some of the most entertaining acts on Rome’s cobblestone streets.

Where To Eat

After seeing everything and walking through the picturesque streets and alleyways of the Eternal City, find sustenance in any number of Rome’s cafes, delis, and ristorantes. Nowadays, you will find everything on offer from Thai to Argentinian to Indian, however, if you really want to get the true flavour of Italy, keep an eye out for the restaurants packed with locals, usually away from the main tourist sites.

The pizza will be like nothing you’ve ever tasted and the fresh tomatoes, garlic and olive coated pasta, handmade just hours before will stay in your dreams forever. Wash it all down with a quintessential glass of Chianti before finishing with a single espresso and a slice of Tiramisu. Italians love their food and you will too!

Rome – the Perfect Italian Experience

Your trip to Rome will leave you feeling like you have been transported through the centuries. Whether visiting the ancient sites that have established Rome as a major tourist destination or hanging out in some Rome’s favourite haunts, sampling the delicious Italian cuisine, you will have memories that will truly last you a lifetime.


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