Style vs Practicality: Can Your Car Really Have Both?

Style vs Practicality: Can Your Car Really Have Both?

When it comes to choosing the perfect car for you, many people struggle to decide between style and practicality. There are a huge number of cars on the market, but the vast majority of them will only fall into one of the two categories listed above. No matter your age, whether male or female, choosing between style and practicality can be a tough decision – we all want that fast sportscar that you’ve been saving up to afford, but when you have a family to think about, this isn’t always a possibility. But can your car really have both? Here, we’re taking a closer look.

Style vs. Practicality

Style is all about the looks of the vehicle, both its interior and its exterior, and while many people see this as a separate element to practicality, it is actually a very similar factor after all. The interior of the car, for example, can be comfortable and stylish, while also offering a large amount of room – therefore offering a practicality element. Take the all-new Honda Civic for example.  This car’s exterior is stylish, with a lower roofline and narrow front grill which evokes an aggressive appearance. The interior on the other hand, hugely increases the carrying capacity of the previous models, with 60:40 split folding seats. With lots of legroom for the passengers and driver alike, there’s plenty to suggest that this particular model offers both style and practicality.

How To Define Style

The main query about whether or not your car can have both style and practicality is over what ‘style’ actually is. Style is typically defined as the form in which something is designed, but as style preferences shift over time, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what style means. When it comes to vehicles, style will mainly refer to body type (i.e. SUV, MPV, Hatchback, Saloon etc.) and any exterior features which it may include, such as spoilers, callipers, and the colour of the car.

How To Define Practicality

How practical a car is, is entirely dependent on its purpose. For example, a city driver who is commuting to and from work would find a smaller car which is easy to park, yet comfortable for the commute a practical option for their needs. However, a family may require a much larger vehicle in order to fit the entire family and all equipment (including pushchairs and any bags full of baby items).

So, Can Your Car Really Have Both?

Once you have decided the purpose of your car, and the style that you prefer, then you are likely to be able to find a car that really can provide you with both. If you’re a city driver looking for a stylish car to nip around the busy streets with, then you may find that a Mini Cooper or an Audi A1 is an ideal option for you. If you have a family and you want a car that is big enough to carry the whole crew comfortably, then you may want to turn to a Land Rover or a Nissan Juke.

There are so many options on the market for you to choose from in order to cater for both your style and practicality needs. Browsing the internet and looking into a number of dealerships can give you an insight into some of the best options for you.


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