5 Rules of Shopping For Vintage Rugs

5 Rules of Shopping For Vintage Rugs

During my last visit in NY I managed to get myself in a rug store. I had no intention of buying a rug, not to mention entering a rug store, but as I was fascinated by the beautiful designs. After my first experience in a rug store I went on and visited a flea market to see what vintage style rugs I could find there. Needless to say I was completely absorbed by the pieces I saw. In the process of buying a rug which fits my home decor I learned a thing or two about shopping for vintage rugs.

Check the origin of the rug

Most vintage rugs are hand-woven by local craftsmen, so you need to know the origin of the rug. Some of the best rugs are made in Turkey and Morocco, where the art of weaving rugs has ancient roots. If you are at a flea market or a vintage San Francisco rug store you need to check if the rug is from one of these regions, as there is no substitute for an original hand-woven rug.

Check the design

Each country has its own rug design, so you can check the design and see if it matches the said origin of the rug, if you are not sure about the rug. According to Doris Leslie Blau rug sellers, a vintage rug can change the look of a room completely. For example, a Moroccan rug can enhance a traditional décor, while a flat weave Swedish hand-woven rug can highlight a modern design, adding color. The texture of the rug also has a great importance, as it can become an important element in your home decor.

Online vintage rug shopping

Many people prefer to shop online for vintage rugs, which come with the advantage of not leaving your cozy home, but it also has the drawback of not being able to check out the rug. So, if you are shopping online for a rug, you need to make sure the images provided are high quality. You need to be able to see the texture of the rug, as this is very important.

Know what you are looking for

Before you go shopping for a vintage rug decide where you will be placing it. Its utility is going to tell you a lot about what you are actually looking for. A fluffy, shaggy wool rug is not the best pick for a bathroom, for example. Before you buy a rug always ask yourself if it will be functional.

Know how to style the rug 

A vintage rug can be used in lots of ways to style a room. One of the most overlooked ways to use them is placing them over another rug. For example, you can place one large rug with a plain weave and a simple color scheme underneath an embellished, smaller Moroccan rug. Another way to use two rugs is to work with different era styles or different culture styles. This will give your home a unique style that is both modern and traditional.


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