Scrumptious Style – 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen Beautiful

Scrumptious Style - 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen Beautiful

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There is a reason that people call the kitchen the heart of the home. The warmth, the delicious smells, the colorful display of kids’ artwork on the fridge and the irresistibly tasty treats that it offers. It is the spot where your friends gather to drink wine while they wait for you to serve dinner and the place that you spend precious moments teaching your kids to cook.

So that you can enjoy your kitchen to the fullest, it is worth creating a stylish and welcoming space. Here are seven simple steps to a stunning kitchen:

Display Your Cookware

You have invested in a beautiful cookware set – why not make it a feature? Hanging your pots and pans from hooks on the wall or ceiling is a great space saving option and gives your kitchen a warm, inviting feel. Plus, stacking can result in scratches and damage to the coating of your pans; this option will keep them in pristine condition.

Bring in Some Personality

People frequently believe that they need to keep it simple to appeal to buyers when you sell the house. However, if you are planning to stay long-term, why not choose something a little bit quirky to make it unique? Some ideas include a wooden range hood, a pressed metal splashback or an upcycled cupboard or work table in place of a kitchen bench.

Add a Splash of Your Favorite Color

Kitchens don’t need to be black and white and more homeowners are choosing to get creative with color in the kitchen. From navy cabinetry to pastel pink splashbacks, color is a fantastic way to make your kitchen stand out. If you aren’t brave enough to go bold with the fixtures, try adding a colored kettle, toaster or other appliances.


The right lighting is essential in any kitchen, both for style and function. Many people are opting to combine downlights and pendants. This combination allows you to see clearly for prep and then switch on softer mood lighting once the pots are simmering. Another alternative is strip lighting which adheres to the bottom of the wall hanging cabinets. It is easy to install and useful in directing light to the area where you need it most.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is on trend right now. Just like displaying your cookware, it allows you to show off those gorgeous bowls and mugs that usually get tucked away in a cupboard out of sight. Hopefully, seeing them every day will encourage you to use them more often. After all, what is the point of having beautiful things and not enjoying them?  

Beautiful Handles

Updating your cupboard and drawer handles is a quick way to bring style and glamour to the room. It can dramatically alter the look of your cabinets without costing a fortune. You can choose from modern or traditional shapes and a wide variety of finishes. Some recent trends include copper, brass, and matte black. Think of handles as the finishing touch to make your kitchen pop.

Smart Seating

Now that your kitchen is looking stylish you need somewhere for people to sit and keep you company while you cook! Selecting bar stools for your island bench is the perfect opportunity to bring in an extra layer of texture by incorporating wood, leather or material. In any room of your house, layering up with textures and materials takes a dull space and makes it feel luxurious and warm.

Make sure that you incorporate elements that you genuinely love, and you will be enjoying your kitchen for years to come.


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