Boosting Wellbeing: An Employer’s Mini-Guide

Boosting Wellbeing: An Employer's Mini-Guide

Surviving your own day at work can be stressful, but when you employ others, the notion that you are responsible for their wellbeing as well as your own can feel overwhelming. To help you, here is a mini-guide for boosting the wellbeing of your employees. Improving your workplace culture is not just a nice thing to do – it will boost your profits too. Check out Culver population health management services for an in-depth look at how your company can make small changes to increase the mental and physical health of your workforce.

Recognize limits

While you may wish to increase the workloads for your team members to hit deadlines and fulfill orders, by doing so, you risk jeopardizing your employees’ wellbeing. Just because they say they can take on more work, does not mean that they have the capacity to take on more and complete it to a satisfactory standard. Productivity does not increase with increased workload – the opposite is often the reality as overworked employees become stressed and more likely to make mistakes.

Be mindful of the demands that you make. Your employees have limits – be aware of them. Confirm to employees that the hours that they should work are the hours that they are paid for. Employees should not feel that their job is under threat by not working unpaid. There may be the odd occasion that overtime is needed, but this should not become the norm. That is why it is certainly worth promoting a healthy work-life balance in order to achieve the best results from your employees.

Open-door policy

Communication is not one way. By promoting an open-door policy, you provide your team with a welcoming space for any issues to be raised. You may find that you are pleasantly surprised by the suggestions that your team has to improve business operations. An open-door policy also helps you manage any issues or challenges that may appear before they escalate and impact the business further.

Show you value your team

One of the greatest ways to motivate employees to be outstanding in their roles is by actively demonstrating that you value them. Small gestures go a long way to develop a positive work culture. Even the choice of coffee that you have in the office can show your team that you value them – what option would best motivate employees and make them feel appreciated- standard instant coffee in a mug or an organic full flavored coffee from Both offer the option of coffee, but only one exudes quality. Dress down Fridays or giving employees their birthday as annual leave are also great ways to reward your team for their efforts.

Workplace environment

To get the most from your employees, you need to provide them with an environment that is functional but also appealing. People spend most of their day at work, and so you should make every effort to ensure that it comfortable and beneficial to their working day. Offices that are too cold in winter and too hot in summer show a lack of consideration and care from the employer. Take steps to make the environment a positive space – make use of natural daylight, bring plants into the office and decorate it in low wave colors – calming blues and restful hues of green to promote efficiency.

Employers should not only be supportive of staff when they are suffering from stress but be proactive in preventing from issues arising. Get to know your employees so that you can recognize their limits, and make the workplace environment a pleasant and comfortable place to be in.


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