4 Reasons it is critical to update your address information when you move

4 Reasons it is critical to update your address information when you move

Updating your address information anytime that you move into a new state is quite important. Failing to change your address in a timely manner can result in the delay of important information and documents. It might not seem necessary, but even if you receive less mail as compared to before, the change of address can save you from a lot of complications and charges.

Mails that do not get to their intended recipients usually end up discarded wasting a lot of paper which indirectly affects the environment since lots of trees are used in paper production.  Below are four reasons why it is important to update your address.

Receiving bills and documents

Not all documents can be sent via e-bill and some are required in hard copy such as renewed cards, passports and driver’s’ licenses. Every incoming mail, whether it includes bills or any kind of documentation needs to be delivered to a correct address especially those that need original signatures. Even after registering for e-bill services there are documents that will still be sent to your mailbox. Always ensure that your address is updated so as not to miss out on urgent mail.

Law requirement

Certain legal proceedings like the update of some government entities require an address to be included. In the event that you a served with a court order, you will also need to document proof of having moved through an official change of address form from the USPS which can be expensive if not updated.

Identification purposes

Updating your personal details ensure the smooth running of activities and the identification when working with sectors such as healthcare, telecommunication, insurance and vehicle licensing departments as well as for record-keeping purposes.

Banks also require identification verification for account opening, credit card applications and financial transactions to be completed through the Customer Identification Program (CIP). Both your previous and current addresses need to be submitted during the process.


Updating your address protects you from security theft associated with your finances and other confidential information. Most hackers and identity theft cases fall on people who do not have an updated record of address. They can easily open and access your account using your personal details as well as receive deliveries made using your credit card without you being aware.

Once moved into your new house, ask for a copy of your credit report from the credit bureaus to update your address as well as verify if you authorized the opening of all the accounts in your name.

Getting a USPS change of address prevents you from breaching the law, protects your personal information from identity thieves, and ensures that you receive all the urgent documents and information that you need.

Easing the process of account opening and credit card processing, having an updated address saves you from missing out on deals especially if you are a frequent online shopper. However, in case you forget to do so, you can notify your creditor about it so that they do the update on your behalf.


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