The Lesser-Known Surf Spots You Have To Visit In Your Lifetime

The Lesser-Known Surf Spots You Have To Visit In Your Lifetime

When people think of surfing destinations, they often consider Hawaii or the Canary Islands. This has led to a number of the world’s most incredible surfing spots to become overcrowded, with beginners looking for somewhere stunning to learn and the more experienced hogging all of the best waves. However, around the world, there are a number of lesser-known surf spots which offer incredible experiences, unlike anything you have enjoyed before, that you should visit once in your lifetime. Once you have donned your wetsuit and packed an extensive form of travel insurance, make sure to head to one of these incredible yet lesser-known surf spots which you should visit once in your lifetime.


When it comes to surfing destinations, few think of Africa, but Mozambique surprisingly offers a significant number of surfing spots perfect for all levels of surfer. While the north of the country is blocked by Madagascar which means there are minimal swells here, the south can provide you with a surfing spot to remember. Ponto do Ouro, close to the South African border, is the most famous surfing location here, and it is one that you should not miss. Alternatively, turn to Maputo where you can enjoy endless perfect waves (although a drive through the desert is required to reach this!). The sharks in the area of both Ponto do Ouro are also relatively young, compared to what can be found in South Africa, so you don’t need to worry about those too much in this fantastic destination.


Another fantastic African surfing destination is Angola, located in Southern Africa. With tropical Atlantic beaches and home to Luanda, one of the world’s most expensive cities, Angola has a lot to offer its surfers. Typically, the surf in Angola favours long, left, sand-bottom points, and some of the waves can be determined as world-class! Surfing however, isn’t very popular in the country and while you may come across a few expats looking to surf, you are more than likely going to be on your own in the water. The best time of year to surf in this amazing destination is between May and September, which are the country’s winter months, where the surf becomes a little rougher.


The coastline along Oman can enjoy some fantastic swell opportunities from the Arabian Sea and there is also the occasional swell from the Indian Ocean. There are a few points of interest in Oman when it comes to surfing, however the island of Masirah is often one of the most fantastic if you’re looking for consistent and high-quality waves. Masirah Island is actually a well-known surf resort for the locals, but when it comes to tourism, you can be certain that you’ll be graced with swells that others didn’t even know existed.

Kamchatka, Russia

If you’re looking to discover some of the unknown, then Kamchatka in Russia is a truly diverse and beautiful location to explore. Kamchatka offers beautiful black sandy beaches, with endless beach breaks, however you’re going to need to brace the icy waves if you’re feeling brave enough. This is one of the most unique and beautiful surfing destinations, with its location amongst the largest population of grizzly bears and its overall remoteness.


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