One-piece v/s Two-piece Toilets – The Complete Guide

One-piece v/s Two-piece Toilets - The Complete Guide

Very few of us give attention to the correct toilet fittings in the washrooms when it comes to buy and build our houses. So, if you are buying a new home or renovating your washrooms, following is a complete guide on how to choose a hygienic and low maintenance toilet and how to decide on one-piece V/s two-piece toilets in your washrooms.

First, let us find out how these toilets are different from each other.

If the toilet and the flush are joint and are in a single piece, then it is a one-piece toilet. In case of a two-piece toilet, the flush and the toilets are not joined together and are in two-pieces. Both of these toilets are designed for different types of bathrooms. The following points will help you in understanding the difference better.


The major difference, after the shape of these toilets, is their price. The one-piece toilet is costlier than the two-piece toilet. But then there are some features of the one-piece toilet that you will come to know about later in this article do justice with its price.


The working of both the toilets is same. But in case of one-piece toilet, you will find the appearance of your washroom neat and clean. You will find a one seated toilet hassle free and it will make the experience of using the toilet much more comfortable than a two-piece toilet.


Installing a one-piece toilet is less time taking then installing a two-piece toilet but because of the joint flush tank and toilet, the one-piece toilet in heavier in weight and can cause some inconvenience when it comes to lifting and fitting it.

Installing the two-piece toilet can take more time in fitting the two-pieces separately and then linking the both pieces in a manner that does not cause any leakage in future.


If you are the one who usually did not get time to clean up your washrooms and looking for some low maintenance option, you may go for the one piece toilet as it is easy to maintain and there would be lower chances of leakage in long run. If you want toilets for your newly opened hotel or restaurant, where the washrooms will be heavily used, the one-piece toilet is the best choice you can go with.

If you clean your washroom frequently and have help for this job, you can easily go for the two-piece toilet.

The overall appearance of your washrooms

A one-piece toilet can be fitted on both the floor and the wall and fitting it on the wall can help a lot in enhancing the appearance of your washroom.

You can for sure go for a two-piece toilet if you did not feel a burden of cleaning your washrooms on daily basis and take as a part of your daily life routine.


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