What A Married Man Can Be Taught By A High-End NY Escort

What A Married Man Can Be Taught By A High-End NY Escort

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You might have heard the old saying of, “If you treat your wife the way you treat your hook, then you would have the strongest marriage in the world.”  Have you heard of that one before?  If not, then you must not have spoken to enough NY escorts.  They actually do say those types of things.  And they mean it.  They have stories that will make you cringe, with many of them involving some really freaky sexual request.  However, they also have a lot of sweet stories as well.  How many hookers speak about their clients does make the relationship sound a lot like a marriage – even a happy one.  One NY Escort estimated that approximately 90% of all of her clients are married with it involving about 5% physical pleasure and 95% emotional labor.

Ask For What You Really Want At All Times

What A Married Man Can Be Taught By A High-End NY Escort 

Source: Pexels

There is no playing games when you are paying for physical pleasure. Ask if there is something you want.  There was one guy who wrote a three-page letter that explained all of the details regarding his fetish.  When it comes to what escort will and will not do, there isn’t anything mysterious about it.  No physical pain.  No disgusting fetishes.  Married people have a tendency to expect their partners to be able to read their minds.  It is hard for escorts to understand why married men aren’t honest more often with their wives.

Do Not Fight Over Money

Precious hasn’t ever had any disagreements about money with customers.  Some men come in wanting to negotiate.  However, escorts win at all times.  If they customer doesn’t like the price then they can go elsewhere.  That is how financial negotiations should occur between women and men. Things cost a certain amount.  You either pay the price or you don’t.  You don’t get what you want if you aren’t willing to pay for it.

Accept The Fact That The Grass Is Not Always Greener What A Married Man Can Be Taught By A High-End NY Escort

Source: Pexels

Once in a while a regular will go through a horrible transformation.  A client might get a stupid look on his face, and start making jokes about running away together.  That is when I think oh no, the poor bastard is starting to have feelings.  The real problem isn’t that it is impractical, although we all are aware of how messy divorce is without having a side lover added into the mix.  It isn’t even that he is confusing reality with Pretty Woman.  The main problem that an escort is human too.  The more you get exposed to a person, the more annoying they become.  Clients really are not aware of what a NY escort really is like, and we are totally different outside of the 2 hours.

Be Selfish At Times

Many NY Escorts actually prefer married men since they appear to be happier.  Frequently men just need to have some spontaneity and somebody they can have a nice time with and        somebody they can vent to.  Men feel like they need to make many sacrifices for their family. They just want to somehow reward themselves.

Don’t Offend Her Nose 

Do you think that money is all that escorts care about?  Money is great, however, if a client smells bad, they will turn down even a huge payday.  NY Escorts discuss things with each other.  That is one of the main ways they gauge the trustworthiness of a new client.  However, they don’t discuss who’s the bigger man or the big spender.  None of those things really matter.  All they want to know is whether you show up on time or not and if you smell nice and clean.


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