Discover The Best Shades To Decorate Office Walls

Discover The Best Shades To Decorate Office Walls

Did you know that colour can have an impact on your productivity level? If you didn’t know and you’re about to decorate your office, you may want to wait a moment. In this article, you will learn some powerful insights into which colours affect which moods and how to combine these for the optimal office environment.

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As far as colour psychology goes, there has been research done to show which shades have the most impact on productivity. Productivity is a key aspect of how successful the work ethic of an office is. Whether you are planning for a big office with several team members or just yourself, learn the power of colour for decorating.


Some colours can be more stimulating than others whilst some promote balance and relaxation. What differentiates colours in this aspect is the intensity more than the shade. The more saturated a colour is, the more it soothes and the brighter, the more stimulating.

  1. Blue

Painting your office walls blue is a great idea as this shade is one of the more motivating shades. Great for stimulating the mind, blue provides a great space for working minds. However, if the work isn’t predominantly mind based and is more creative, you may want to mix it up. Adding splashes of oranges can spark the emotional side of the brain and promote balance. It will help the office look warmer too.

  1. Yellow

Maybe, your work needs you to be more creative and ideas orientated. If this is the case, painting your office walls yellow will be better than blue as it promotes optimism. Stirring up the spirit and the mind, yellow is a more inspiring colour which works wonders for the office where you want bold and daring ideas.

  1. If the work is physical, go with red.

As red is more physically motivating, if you are sitting down all day for your job, this shade might be overwhelming. Red is a powerful shade and represents strength, so if you are decorating a warehouse, it might be a great shade.

  1. Want to be soothed and balanced? Opt with green.

If you are working in a spa, health centre or counselling office, you may want to choose green as it promotes balance and well-being. Also, if you are operating in a high-stakes business such as investment, green can help you feel more level-headed. Or if you are decorating your personal office and often get feelings of anxiety, green is a calming shade to choose.

It’s also important to consider what the colour represents for your company. How you decorate will impact the way your clients perceive your brand and what you stand for. For example, green would be great for an environmentally savvy brand whereas blue might suit an accountancy firm better where minds must always be switched on. Now you know the impact colours have on the office environment, you should have more of an idea for your own office.


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