How to level up your general knowledge?

How to level up your general knowledge?

Current affairs and general knowledge are updated daily & within very short spans of time. Maintaining a list of most important topics, and learning them from time to time becomes a very difficult task for any students. However, these days due to ed-tech startups, learning general knowledge for competitive exams has become really easy.

Educational technology (Ed-tech) startups provide general knowledge database through various methods like:


Many ed-tech startups have daily or weekly general knowledge/current affairs quizzes as well as contests. Students can test themselves by participating in such contests or quizzes. This is also one of the best methods to revise your general knowledge for competitive exams.

Question Banks

As a subject, general knowledge is equally important as any other subject. Moreover, it is also a major subject in many government competitive exams. Practicing questions by choosing the correct option in question banks is really helpful in clearing GK section of competitive exams.


Yearly magazines or monthly digests are very helpful in learning general knowledge for competitive exams. A far easier way is to have downloaded ebooks on general knowledge so it can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

Since digitization and advancement in technology it is far easier to carry ebooks in phones or tablets then it tablets. Viewing ebooks by direct downloading, and without any additional technological requirements such as transferring through cables has made it very convenient for all aspiring candidates.


Since news updates are continuously upgrading on news channels, therefore it is very difficult for students to keep a track. However, there are many YouTube channels wherein daily current affair or general knowledge video is updated. It is much easier for students to subscribe to such channels.

They can even add the YouTube playlist of current affairs or general knowledge to their own playlist. This will allow them to view any new video on current affair or general knowledge whenever it gets uploaded on the channel category.

Competitive Exams

There are many tests which are conducted before the final examination. Students can participate in these test, and get to know their ranking, section wise scores as well as ranks across PAN India.

Competitive exams which happen across the whole country let students know their section wise capabilities. Candidates can know their knowledge in GK sections of such exams.

But, brushing up GK could be helpful, however as we are all aware that in many exams, choosing the incorrect option leads to negative marking. Therefore, having a correct strategy is very essential for any exam. Here are few strategies:

a) Practice Previous Year GK Papers

Giving previous year practice papers on General Knowledge helps to understand the type of question asked within the exams.

b) Exam Pattern

The marks allotted and questions within general knowledge section of various government exams are different from each other. Candidates need to understand the time allotted to attempt these questions, total number of questions within the section, marks, etc.

c) Checking Scores

After giving previous year papers and knowing exam pattern, candidates need to know their actual scores. They can also give practice tests and check their scores to understand where they stand.

A few additional tips to score well in General Knowledge section of competitive government exams are:

a) Reading Newspapers/Magazines

Reading not increases ability to comprehend any question, but also increases vocabulary. Candidates preparing for government exams shouldn’t miss out reading newspaper or magazines with competitive exam material on a regular basis.

b) Reading Blogs

Blogs have become a medium a faster information or shall we say information on the tip of your fingers. Candidates can make use of blogs on various websites to know about any changes, notifications and/or updates. You might like this site.

c) Following News Channels

Another most practiced way of gaining current affairs is through some prominent news channels. Even government news channels have shows/episodes regarding subjects. At the same time, news channels also have talk shows, debates and daily news bulletins.

The top 10 or 100 news of the day helps to cope up with ongoing daily updates around the globe. Students should choose from the list of best English, Hindi or regional language channel. This will enable them to follow through news bulletins and build a better understanding of topics.

Conclusively, following all the above steps will surely help to level up general knowledge in competitive exams.


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