5 Celebrities Who Died in Their Prime

5 Celebrities Who Died in Their Prime plath

Whenever someone dies in their first decades of life, they are mourned for all the things they might have accomplished in the future. The same is valid for celebrities. Singers, actors and other personalities who die young are remembering for what they’ve done in their short lives. Here are 5 celebrities who died in their prime, after accomplishing a lot of amazing things, which enabled them to be remembered by history for their unique legacy.

Sylvia Plath

By the age of 30, when she committed suicide, Plath already had an amazing career. She was a writer, novelist and poet and she won a Pulitzer after her death for her brilliant work. Plath wrote 50 short stories before she entered college and was an iconic figure for American feminists. According to Dead or Kicking, Sylvia Plath suffered from clinical depression most of her adult life and committed suicide by gas at the age of 30.

Amelia Earhart

5 Celebrities Who Died in Their Prime earhart

Another strong woman who is still an inspiring personality for girls all over the world was Amelia Earhart. She was a pilot and she is known for breaking multiple world records. During her career in the field, she promoted women’s ability to become successful pilots. At the age of 39, Earhart took off planning to fly over the Pacific Ocean, but her plane suddenly disappeared. She was declared death two years after, but the remains of her plane were never found.

Heath Ledger

5 Celebrities Who Died in Their Prime ledger

Heath Ledger’s death shocked the entire Hollywood. The young actor was famous after his roles in Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight, but he was struggling with insomnia, which pushed him to abuse prescription pills. After he died from an overdose, three other actors played his role in his last movie, so it can be released in his honor. Ledger was the 9th youngest Oscar nominee for a Best Actor award.


5 Celebrities Who Died in Their Prime Aaliyah

The young singer’s career was in full bloom when she died after a plane crash. By the age of 22, Aaliyah was an actress and a model. She was the first artist to reach the top of Billboard Hot 100 on airplay alone and she released a double platinum album. Aaliyah played a role in the movie based on Ann Rice’s novel, The Queen of the Damned. This was not the only role played by the singer, who began acting and singing at 10. Among the rumors regarding Aaliyah’s death, one implies that she actually felt she was about to die. Just before she boarded the plane she texted a friend saying she doesn’t like the plane.

Kurt Cobain

5 Celebrities Who Died in Their Prime cobain

Kurt Cobain was only 27 years old when he died. He is remembered for his amazingly inspiring work as the lead singer of Nirvana. He was seen as an iconic alternative rock star and teens all around the world found inspiration in his work. Sadly, he committed suicide after years of struggling with the problems brought on by his own fame. Decades after his death, Cobain remains an influencer in music.


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