11 Cool Habits of Smart Housewives

11 Cool Habits of Smart Housewives

Are you new at being a housewife?  If you are clueless about what to do to provide a comfortable home life for your family, these are ten cool habits housewives should possess:

1. Making Weekly Meal Plans

Your children’s diet should be one of your biggest concerns. Even if you are not the best cook around, you need to make sure that the meals that your family is eating are healthy. To help facilitate this, it would be clever for a housewife to make a meal plan that will be followed all throughout the week. This way, you will have something to guide you on what you will be preparing on a daily basis.

2. Paying Bills Diligently

Your partner may be too busy to take care of paying your utilities and other bills. As a housewife, you have to be proactive in doing this particular task, so you will have a bigger stake in your finances. For one day every month, try to look for credit card and bank statements and home utility bills that have to be settled and head out to pay them yourself.

3. Banning Devices In The Dinner Table

Your partner and children will be gone from the house for a big part of the day. For a lot of families, dinner is the only time that they will be able to interact fully with each other. If you want your family to be able to bond without interruption, it is prudent to disallow everyone from checking their smartphone, laptop or tablet device. This way, the family members can concentrate on actual conversations around the dinner table.

4. Keeping A Schedule For The Entire Family

A housewife is like a general in the house, so you are responsible for your troops, which are your partner and children. Much of the burden in ensuring that everything is running smoothly is on you. A schedule is a powerful way to keep track of all the things that has to be done. Draft schedules not just for you but also for the house tasks that your partner and children are supposed to do.

5. Settling Debt As Soon As Possible

If your family has debt, it is ideal for your financial standing if these are settled right away. If not, you can at least start by consolidating all the debt at a lower interest rate. Make regular payments, so it will not last longer than it should.

6. Tracking The Health Of Family Members

Health is wealth as they say and as a housewife, you have the power to stop body issues from happening by keeping everyone’s lifestyle at home healthy. Both the children and your partner should have regular exercises, which you can do together as a family. Also discourage them from engaging in vices like smoking. You should persuade everyone to visit the doctor at least once every three months as well.

7. Being Receptive Of Everyone’s Needs

Housewives must be tough, but they must also provide a strong support system for their husbands and children. This does not just involve material needs but also on the emotional aspect. Sometimes, after a long day, it will be a great idea for each one to be just there and listen about each other’s experiences.

8. Making Cleanliness A Top Priority

Your home is a sanctuary for your family, so you should do well to remember how a clean house should be your priority. You do not have to do the actual cleaning alone but as a housewife, delegate tasks to your family members properly. You can even contact cleaning services to help you with it. A smart housewife will take care of regular cleaning of clothes for all the family members. She must have at least a mini or portable washing machine if not a big one to make cleaning clothes easy and simple.

9. Maintaining a budget-friendly family life

No matter how well-off your family is, a spending plan is always useful. It is so that you can have a structured guide on how you will be allocating your money for specific purposes. This way, you can still have a comfortable life without having to drain your savings.

10. Taking Some Time Off Every Now And Then

A housewife has a lot of things that they have to think about. It is necessary for them to have some time off every now and then. This can be through a weekend getaway with your old college friends or a weekly trip to the salon. 

11. Cooking Or Preparing Family Meals As Effortlessly As Possible

Many housewife spend the bulk of their daily time in the kitchen. That can have a negative impact in their mental health. So, a smart housewife will have quality kitchen tools such as best spice grinders, cutting board, knifes, colanders, can openers, mixing bowls, grader, vegetable peeler, cooling racks, food processers and so on.


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