Elegant Finished Products for Your Kitchen

Elegant Finished Products for Your Kitchen

A kitchen is a place of joy. We love to spend some time in our kitchen with some of the best articles that can make our work super easy. These kitchen articles must be so swift in their processes that it will end up in chopping the vegetables too quick and yet will give an awesome time to cook them well. Besides, if you are dealing with a business of carving out beautiful objects, you need to use such a tool that can carve out the materials quite well and give them an awesome look. A kitchen knife will surely not fulfill your expectations. So, to make you and your work a happy and a pleasant one, have a look at the line of the best objects from the Vienna Imports.


The kitchen articles from this company include grinding machines, knives, forks, utensils as well as the miscellaneous kitchenware. The articles are so genuine that they have got some of the awesome reviews from the customers. The knives are the most important kitchen element. The swift knivesare the basic things that are used. Besides the kitchen purposes, the brand also has a display of some other knives as well that is used to add a glamorous look to objects. In this context let me explain to you how the knives from the company can be the best ones:

The knives may be either the kitchen knives or the pocket knives and they come in different shapes and size.

Knife blades

The quality of the edge of a knife blade suggests what the purposes it can be used for are and how efficiently the task can handle. Moreover, it also acts as a guide to the person who is using the knife. A person cannot use a needle tipped knife to cut vegetables. So, the sharpness and the shape of the knives speak a lot. So, let us see what top selling knives are and how they are used.

Simple blade

These are the knives which are based on a daily use. The spines are straight, the edges are curved. This shape is easy to handle. The straight spine helps the user to use the knife with both the hands putting enough pressure. This is a very effective commodity if you want the force to be concentrated only at a particular point rather than the wholesurface. The simple blades are the most popular ones just for their strength. These can be used in the kitchen to chop the tough vegetables, for cutting ropes and hoses. If you are involved in any job related to cutting, you may start your practice with a simple blade which gives an easy handling capacity. So, it is the best to go with these blades as a practice session before moving to the complicated ones.

Trailing point blade

In this, the edge curves in an upward fashion and take a minimum portion of the spine to end up in the formation of the tip. This type of knife gives a better slashing power. These knives are specially designed to be used for a longer time due to thecomfortit provides. The trailing point blades were used for years as a slashing weapon. The purpose of this blade is to chop up the small fish and the animals whose meat is consumed because the blade works wonder for cutting through the flesh.

Clip point

The spine is usually straight in this blade. The tip has a different resemblance than many others. The tip seems to be clipped off from the main part. The clip portion has different shapes like concave, straight and can be easily sharpened. These types of blades have finer pressure points which can serve the purpose of piercing through a surface. So, this blade can pierce, slice and cut through very hard surfaces. The tip of the blade and the center of the blade are parallel to each other. The clip point blade gives a perfect balancing for piercing through the surface. This design can be used for many activities. These include pocket knives, folding knives, knives that are designed for hunting and also the knives that can go through the hens and the goose.

Drop point

This blade is also a very popular one. It is quite commonon one of the best chefs. By “drop point” we refer to a blade design which has a convex curve that ends up at the tip. It is totally the reverse of the concave clip point blades. When a knife is convex in shape, it means that the spine of the blade tapers at the end while the belly region is broad. This is a very easy one to cut and pierce through a surface with a great agility. So it is used by the chefs.


This blade has the tip in a collinear form with the center of the blade along the axis. The knife has double edges that are meant for piercing in a great manner. These are not so common to be used in the kitchen and in the earlier days it was used as a weapon.


The design aspect is quite similar to the spear point blade but the only difference is that at the end it tapers like a needle. Stilettos are a special variety of this blade.

Spray point

The blade is quite unique in its design. There is a sudden downward curve to the spine which ends up at the tip. This blade finds purpose in the job of skinning. By “skinning” we refer to the removal of the hides from the animal body for commercial purposes. This knife is an easy one for the purpose because it does accidentally pierce into the muscles.

Tanto blade

Sounds odd right? But, this is nothing strange. This is just a peculiar name for the chisel point blades. The edge is single but only near the tip of the shape changes where the edges take two different angles to form the spin and end up at the tip. These are not at all suitable for piercing and are mostly used as the folding knives.

Sheepsfoot blade

The blade is a unique one because of its complete straight edge. The spine takes a curve to end up on the tip. This is the safest knife of all times. In earlier days, these knives were used to trim the hooves of sheep. But these days, it is used for woodworking. These knives do not find popularity in the everyday life because it does not usually allow the piercing.

Hawkbill blade

The spine and the edge together form a structure that curves downward in the shape of the bill of a hawk. They are usually used where the longer cuts are needed. This blade pattern is a very good one for carving and also provides a better grip to the user. This is a very safe one.

Persian blade

It is opposite in its design to that of a hawkbill blade. Unlike the hawkbill, the spine and the edge curve in the upward direction. This blade is usually used in the filleting.


These are some of the important shapes of the knives that will help you to choose which will be the best one for you to go with. Not everyone uses the knives just for cooking, there are other purposes too. So, before purchasing a knife, you just need to question yourself whether the knife will meet up your expectations or not. Unless we have an idea about the different blade patterns, we can never choose a perfect one. Not everyone is involved in the same profession. Many people earn their livelihood by wood working and carving, while some others are involved in the occupation of wood crafting. So, to bring excellence to our works, knowledge of the blades is an essential one. Choose, for your favorite knife that will suit you the best from Austria’s largest hub. (chalene.com)


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