Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Heat up Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Heat up Your Kitchen

A new year and new kitchen look, right? If you’ve been relentlessly pinning Pinterest kitchen remodelling ideas, perhaps now’s the time to explore some suggestions and be more than inspired to create the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.

From new backsplashes to additional quartz worktops, the possibilities are endless once you have set your budget and kitchen’s theme. Are you going for a contemporary look or more of a dialled down traditional approach?

Why set a budget?

This is fairly simple. You don’t want to go overboard and spend too much on your kitchen renovation projects and end up eventually regretting because you can’t finish it since, well, you’ve already went above and beyond the costs of putting up a new kitchen.

The budget will dictate all other design elements for the kitchen inclusive of all materials, finishing types, edging for the worktops, etc. Also, this will give you peace of mind and narrow down your options on which essential zones in the kitchen need a redo.

So, here are some ideas to refresh and modernise your home kitchen.

Spice up your backsplash

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Heat up Your Kitchen

For a visually appealing and functional food preparation and cooking area, update your backsplash. You either can add colour or some texture. This part of the kitchen gives you plenty of room to channel your creativity.

If you opt for subway tiles, you have various finishes and textures to choose from, either high gloss, matt and even textured ones. In fact, you can design your own pattern that complements the overall design aspect of your kitchen.

Update your kitchen cabinets 

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Heat up Your Kitchen

One of the most visible design elements of your kitchen is the cabinets. Brighten up your kitchen by adding some fresh paint and some new hardware. Just like the backsplash, you can choose whether you get a matt or glossy finish for the cabinet paint.

If you have a kitchen with limited space, opt for a glossy white finish. This will give the illusion of space as the gloss will reflect light into the room, making it feel more spacious than it actually is.

If you’re aiming for a clean, sophisticated look, a matt finish is the way to go and some neutral tones.

How about a kitchen island?

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Heat up Your Kitchen

Kitchen islands are so much more than dish storage and food preparation. By adding a kitchen island, you get an additional breakfast table where you can cook and having that morning chat with your family.

During dinner parties, you can all gather around the kitchen island and mingle while still preparing the dishes. It also functions as an additional piece of furniture in your kitchen, offering comfy seating and dining space.

Regardless of kitchen size, there’s an island for you. In fact, you have hundreds of options when it comes to surface material today, ranging from natural stones like granite and marble to engineered ones like quartz worktops.

Sizzling hot kitchen appliances

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Heat up Your Kitchen

Who says you don’t need to update kitchen appliances? Well, if your budget permits, how about you get more energy-efficient ones that are sizzling hot in the market right now?

In fact, newly released appliances now come in different finishes, which gives you of choices. They can seamlessly blend into your kitchen’s design.

Open up your kitchen

How about doing away with kitchen cabinet doors? Open shelving for upper cabinets is highly ideal for small kitchen spaces, giving a larger feel to the space. This gives you plenty of opportunities to display your most prized china.

Extra storage

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Heat up Your Kitchen

The concept of having a minimalist kitchen is having as little clutter as possible. So, add more storage. Make use of odd unused corners and transform them into a mini pantry or a sliding spice rack.

You can even add a breakfast nook near the windows and use the seating as additional storage as well. Don’t forget to throw in some pillows to make it more comfy.

The little things matter

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Heat up Your Kitchen

Your home kitchen is your own space and reflects your personality. Showcase your artwork, glassware or even a miniature garden. It’s your space after all.

Once you have finished your kitchen renovation project, you’ll definitely want to show it off to family, friends and even neighbours. All it takes is careful planning, budgeting and tons of creativity. There are endless possibilities, from incorporating a corner bench, a new quartz worktops, new stools, a breakfast table, to new appliances.

But the single most important thing to remember is to have fun!

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Kitchen Remodelling Ideas to Heat up Your Kitchen

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