Top Designer Kitchens That Will Be Sizzling Hot in 2018

Top Designer Kitchens That Will Be Sizzling Hot in 2018

Kitchens have evolved from mere functional spaces to becoming the heart of today’s homes. Understandably, you would want to have the best look for your own home kitchen. So, whether planning for an upgrade or designing a new one, now is the perfect time to refresh your kitchen’s colour scheme.

If monochrome tones, herringbone tiles, handleless cabinets and blue cabinetry took over designer kitchens in 2017, take a look at the top kitchen trends that are set to take 2018 by storm.

Kitchens Are Becoming Smart

Advancements in technology have entered home kitchens in full force. And by full force, this means not just modern appliances or fancy gadgets—but a fully integrated into the kitchen.

A smart kitchen is part of an evolving design aspect. Homeowners can now add sensors, motion-equipped faucets and other smart devices and make life more convenient in this fast-paced world we thrive in. From lighting controlled via handheld devices to refrigerators alerting you that groceries are running low, these modern marvels in technology are becoming part of people’s daily lives and one of the biggest trends we will see this year.

Cabinetry in Two Tones

It’s time to add some life to your cabinetry. Although white is still relatively a favourite colour of choice for many homeowners, colour is making a comeback. The combination of two shades of the same colours is gaining momentum, particularly greys and blues.

Vent Hoods Are Disappearing

Vent hoods used to be parlayed into the design, in the past. However, today’s new kitchen do away with the hoods so it can seamlessly blend into the backsplash or the wall.

Going Green with Cabinetry

Remember 2017’s hit blue cabinetry complemented with brass fixtures? For 2018, green is the colour of choice, in keeping with of course being green.

Green with a slightly muddy undertone enhances the warmth of brass fixtures. Also, granite worktops would look crisp against green cabinetry. 

Honed Matt Kitchens

2017 saw the rise of high gloss kitchens, from cabinets to glistening marbles to brass. Now, it’s time to bring in a more humble finish—matt. From unfinished wood, to honed marble, to of course concrete, a matt finish exudes a modern contemporary, minimalist design that makes every kitchen feel more open, clean and refreshing.

A Touch of Gold and Copper

Kitchens can’t do away with shimmering metallic in 2018, copper and gold being the top materials. These will give handles, small appliances, statement lighting, wall tiles and even plug sockets a luxurious, rich finish. Additionally, these materials create a striking focal point to your kitchen design.

Open up the Kitchen with Open Shelving

Designer kitchens are becoming smaller in urban setting. To make it feel larger and open up the space, open shelving is your go-to solution, which is why this trend is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

Not only can homeowners display statement items and adding a touch of themselves into the design, but also it gives them the opportunity to add some “green” like succulents into an otherwise concrete environment.


These hot designer kitchens could serve as design ideas for your home kitchen re-do this 2018. From matt kitchens to open shelving to gold or copper accents, your home kitchen will definitely look even more chic than ever.

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