Surprising Benefits of Swimming

Surprising Benefits of Swimming


Swimming is great. It’s a fantastic way to get some exercise, without having to get all hot and sweaty or push your body to its limits. An hour swimming casually, without pushing yourself hard will burn around 400 calories. That’s a couple of slices of pizza or glasses of wine. So, swimming regularly is great for losing weight and staying healthy. But, did you know about its other fantastic benefits? Here’s a look.

Swimming Helps You Get More Vitamin D

Admittedly, only if you do it outdoors. But, if you’ve got a home pool and it’s kept in great condition with regular cleaning and water tank pump repairs, going outside for a swim can help your body take in plenty of vitamin D from the sun. Even if it doesn’t seem particularly hot, the sun’s powerful rays can get through (so wear sunscreen!). Vitamin D is produced in your skin, in response to sunlight. Almost like human solar power. It then helps your body to absorb calcium, keeping your bones strong and healthy, looks after your immune system and can even help to reduce depression.

It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Speaking of depression, swimming itself is great for your mental health. Exercise, on the whole, boosts your confidence and helps your body to release adrenaline, endorphins and serotonin, all of which make you happier and reduce your stress levels. But, if you struggle with confidence, sometimes it can be hard to exercise. Gyms and classes can be daunting, and even the most confident of people can feel under pressure to work harder or push themselves more. This can lead to anxiety and panic. Swimming is much more relaxed. Many pools have ladies only or quieter sessions if you feel a little nervous, but it’s such a chilled-out atmosphere that you’ll be fine.

Swimming can also improve your mental health by giving you time to think. When you’re at the gym or in a class, there’s always something to focus on or something that you need to be doing. Even when you run, you have to focus on your posture and breathing. When you swim, your body takes over. Once you’ve hit your stride, you can relax. Use the time to clear your head, focusing on the movements of your body, or to think and sort through your thoughts without other distractions.

It’s Great for Your Posture

Posture is a huge issue today. Many of us spend hours hunched over a computer, or even with our necks stuck out above a smartphone. We know that good posture makes us looks better and cuts of the risk of back problems and osteoporosis, but when you are so used to slouching, standing straight can actually be very painful, and forcing your body into this position can do more harm than good.

Swimming is a brilliant way to improve your posture and get your body used to a new stance, without pressure or force. You won’t even realize it’s happening. When you are in the water, your body is long and straight. You couldn’t swim hunched. Your muscles strengthen in this position and learn to hold it. Your core muscles which are essential to holding a straight back for long periods of time also get a fantastic workout.


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