Turn Your New House into a Home

Turn Your New House into a Home

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It’s often agreed that there’s a huge difference between buying a house and buying a home.  A house is a physical commodity that can simply be purchased, whereas a home is something you must create…. Home is a feeling and a sense of belonging that transcends the value of the bricks and mortar holding up the roof over your head.

Home could be summed up as a sensation of peace… it can be a feeling of relief, such as when you pull into the driveway after a long trip and rest your weary head on your pillow… a feeling of comfort… or even a feeling of focus.  Home means different things to different people, but your sense of home is something that must be created.

If your home is a disorganised mess you’re unlikely to be able to create the sense of serenity and harmony you would like to experience.  Similarly, if your home isn’t equipped with the best tankless water heater to ensure a constant supply of warm water and heat to your home – it’s not going to exude the emotional feeling of warmth most people crave from their home.

When buying a new house, and turning it into a home, it’s important you take immediate action.  There is power in momentum.  The underlying principle within the following three tips, therefore, is to take immediate action and build positive momentum. Trying to turn your house into a home is everybody’s main ambition when being a homeowner. Pearson Floor Coverings can help you out if you are looking to re-do your flooring.


It’s important that your house feels like it belongs to you.  There’s a strong chance your new house will have remnants of the previous owners tastes and preferences in terms of its style.  The house might be stripped back to the basics, but there’s still likely to be a feeling of it belonging to someone else.  This is why you need to make your mark.  Similar to how a dog will mark his territory, you need to mark your territory in your new home in order to feel a secure sense of belonging.  However, unlike a dog, the best way to make your mark is with a paintbrush. Turning a house into a home can be one of the most difficult things you can do in life. A key way you can do this is by making it specific to you and your families needs. af-acoustics.com specialise in sound proofing your walls, so if you was thinking about making a studio or cinema room in your house, they would be the perfect people to call.


Everyone has certain items they feel a strong emotional connection with and attachment to; indeed, just like a child with a teddy bear, there’s often a few pieces of furniture that just feel like home… whether that’s an old coffee table you’ve had for many years or a painting that’s been in your family for generations.  Whilst it’s important you don’t clutter your new home in the first few weeks, whilst you unpack, it can be a nice symbolic gesture to put out a few photographs that allow you to immediately start feeling more at home in your space.

Artwork is another great place to start, as wall hangings aren’t going to get in the way of your unpacking and instantly brighten up the space.  Mirrors are obviously fragile, and want to be wrapped with care, but when they are safely hung on the walls, you no longer have to worry about smashing them and getting seven years of bad luck.


In addition to the rational scientific need to clean in order to kill germs, the emotional aspect of cleaning your new home is a powerful emotional process that essentially cleanses the old and welcomes the new.  There are many emotional benefits of cleaning your new home and cleansing your space – the major benefit is that you will have the chance to connect with your new home and feel united with the space… and the more you energetically feel you are nurturing your new home, the more you are likely to feel nurtured by your new home in return.

Hopefully, these three principles put you in good stead to turn your new house into a happy home.  Now, comes the hard bit – starting on those boxes, getting out the paint brushes, unwrapping your furniture, and reaching for the bleach.  Good luck!!


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